Exhaust 80cc chinese engine mount and exhaust mount


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Jun 6, 2008
I need to get some longer screws for my front motor mount, does anyone know a good place to get them? I would like to go to a hardware store or something like that and not order them off the internet. Also, my exhaust bolts, (im not sure of the correct terminology), i think I have stripped one of them, I might have even stripped the actual hole and not the screw/bolt thing. I have included some pictures of what I mean if i am not being very clear. Thanks guys/gals, happy 2 strokin haha


I know my camera isnt the greatest, its my cell phone camera im using :)


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For the longer bolts you can try an auto parts store or Home depot. For the stripped bolts and holes you are going to need a tap and die set. I don't know what you are using to tighten them but it sounds like you have too much leverage. I would also look into getting some blue loc-tite to secure the bolts.
If it's sticking out of the motor and has no head, it's a stud.

For the front motor mount, some 6mm studs, as long as you need, would work. I got some grade 8 bolts (with heads) from home depot, and as they were too long I ran some nuts down the inside. Run your studs/bolts as deep into the motor as you can so you grab all the thread that's available then tighten the nut against the motor mount.

Resist the urge to run bolts in place of studs without nuts in the middle to tighten down; you need them threaded as deeply as possible into that soft aluminum.
okay so i ended up going to canadian tire and just buying m6 bolts, wow they work good. I tried that windsor plywood they didnt have the metric, no where in winnipeg did, then i go to canadian tire and look, and bam they have a good substitute. I rode it for almost an hour after i got home it was great and no rattling off woo hoo. I also used these for the front motor mount, (oversized tubes) and they worked awsome as well.



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i thought i would leave the heads on so that if the nuts rattled loose i wouldnt lose them on the road somewhere.