A better way to mount the CDI on a HT

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  1. I have been proving a DAX and running it in on a lightweight with a coaster brake and after reading the warning about tightening the CDI unit too tightly on the tube, it makes sense to mount a plate on the 4 long studs on the fuel tank and flange-mount the CDI out of the weather over the plug and also a small switch to control the white lighting wire. Any auto store such as Auto Zone has bullet connectors that fit the supplied ones and wires can be run wherever you wish. OK, Thats My contribution. Now someone tell me where to find chrome spiral wrap like from years ago. We used to (I guess pimp is the politically correct term now) our control cables on our cycles and motorbikes with them.

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    I think that is a good idea... by putting it out of "bad weather" can I assume you ride this thing in the rain?
  3. I dont even ride my real motorcycles in rain if I can avoid it, but it's hard to keep one covered in windy rainy weather.
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    The CDI components are encased in a tough plastic resin. Little, if any weather proofing is needed. I've blasted mine with a pressure washer many times with no isues.