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    hi, my name is Vince. From Clarkdale Arizona.I wont take your time now to ask any questions. But only to introduce myself. I have been reading these forums for about a year now. Ok, here we go. Although this may sound like a rather strange way of explaining my occupation. I'm a professional tinkerer. Actually a retired one, but I do tinker around all day long, and on many projects.

    From age eight I raced motocross. And did till my early twenties. But I had to quit, due to an accident. However Husqvarna took note of me, and I went to work for them. This is where I picked up most of my knowledge about motorcycles and 2- strokes. Lets see, I ended up owning my own auto body shop for 17 years.We specialized in custom work. I was very fortunate that I was able to spend most my time tinkering around with various projects...I ramble on , sorry. too put it short, I was the kid who tore apart everything my parents had, to see how it worked. That , more or less sums it up in a nut shell.

    I have learned many interesting things on this forum. And I hope that in return, I can share some of my ideas. I have always been fascinated by engines/motors And look forward to sharing this enthusiasm with all...Thanks for reading
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  2. DuctTapedGoat

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    Welcome to MBc Vince!

    It's always great to see someone come in with prior gearhead experience. Looking forward to seeing you in the forum!
  3. Ixlr8

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    Thanks for the welcome. I have to tell you,being called a gearhead is much better then what my neighbors and sons call me. Although in a good way, a nut.
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    Hello, Vince.

    I didn't think you were rambling at all. Seemed like a good intro post.

    So now you need to build some bikes and tell us about them.

    Have fun.
  5. Ixlr8

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    hey, bluegoatwoods thanks for your message. I actually do have some bikes already built, and many engines, I seem to experiment with them more then riding. Also in the past year I have designed and made some custom hp parts . As soon as I can get my act together here, I will start to post them all, I hope I will be able to give back to this forum as much as I have been taught about this great sport!
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    welcome aboard and it is always good to have someone who might have some knowledge to share