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    With gas prices as high as they are, it's making more and more sense to start riding to work and for short trips to the store. But I'm not exactly light. Using a Horsepower calculator it divined that I would need 5-6 horsepower to keep me around 45 mph. Obviously it doesn't bother me to actually pedal, the motor is just so it won't take me over two hours to get to work. So I want to make sure that pedal assisted motorized bikes work out ok. And I was wondering if you can have changeable gear ratios for hills, or speed, etc.

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    Sure, although you may be ......skirting .....the letter of the law in some localities. Check out SBP, Nu Vinci, and a few others. Even some of the single speed kits (GeBe) offer quick change parts. And of course with a friction drive, it is as simple as changing the roller.
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    It can be done. But you shouldn't expect 45 mph from any bicycle. It's not impossible to gear one that fast, it's just completely unsafe. For those sort of speeds you want a big moped/scooter at the least.

    But if you can bring your hopes down to the 20 mph and under range, then you're in the right place.

    Have fun.