After 4 years of wanting one i finally did it!

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  1. WolfByu

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    Hi everyone im Kenny Skinner from Arkansas. Ive been toying with the idea of building a MB for four years so im pretty excited. I bought a NEXT Parowan mens 26in bike on sale for 50 bucks at Wally World for the build. I know its a cheap bike but the selling point for me was it has a steel frame and steel rims. For the bike engine i ordered a Grubee Skyhawk GT5 66cc from Zone8cycling. Ive heard mixed stories on both the engine and the vendor but maybe it will all work out. Ive already ordered the upgraded hardware and ngk plug but if anyone has any other helpful hints they want to share im all ears. Thanks and wish me luck

  2. retromike3

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    steel wheels and new skyhawk

    I think you might think a bit more about the wheels on your new ride. Steel it a grate material, I use it in the frames I build, but on bike rims its usefulness is problematic. Brakes just don't seem to work as well on a chromed steel surface as an aluminum one. PLus when you add mass to the rotating weight I was told its like adding five times that amount to the frame.

    As for the Skyhawk the one I got last year(I bought it on sale ) it came with a defective CDI unit and a bad Carburetor with a badly made intake port and inadequate chain. Lucky for me I had spares from other builds so I have a spark and I get better than thirty miles per galloon without braking chains.

    Maybe I just got a lemon and yours will work flawlessly. Heres wishing you luck with my fingers crossed.

  3. lsoult

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    One newbie to another. I just finished mine over the weekend. It was really hard for someone that doesnt know motors. This site and Youtube were a big help for me. Good Luck...
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    welcome aboard.

    I'm afraid I don't know anything about the vendor except that I have heard the name before. That's hopeful; they're probably more reliable than a fly-by-night ebay seller.

    Though these happy time engines do have some quality issues, the fact remains that most people get them up and running without any major troubles. And of those who do have something truly wrong with the motor out of the box, most get it fixed without major difficulty.

    So the odds are with you.

    Good luck and have fun.
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    welcome aboard kenny--another one from arkansas here--conway is where i am at

    i went a different route then you and went electric but took me almost as long to make the jump--best of luck with your build
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    Retromike Ive actually heard the other way around that aluminum rims were very prone to bending? Besides it just made sense to me that steel is a lot stronger then aluminum especially considering all the torque the motor is putting on it. And my rims are just plain steel they are not chrome plated so will that rule out the brake issue you mentioned? As for mass the entire bike weighs in at 39.68 pounds which seems about average.
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  7. Tumbledove

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    Please post an update for us other newbies regarding your personal experience with the engine and dealer. I am still looking for a good place to order my first two stroke myself. I can see already that you need to be careful out here. Unanswered e-mails and engines that are not in stock. Yet, they will gladly take your cash in advance. I sense that there are some shady characters, and some grey areas to avoid altogether in the world of motorbiking. It really should not be that way, but it is. Good luck.
  8. WolfByu

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    Hey Tumbledove, would be glad to share my experience. As of now the motor kit shipped out the day after i placed the order. Its scheduled to arrive on May 4. Once it gets here ill put some pictures up on my profile. I made sure to get a engine with a 6 month warranty but whether or not they will stand behind it is the question.
  9. Tumbledove

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    Alright! Take some photos even of the original shipping condition if you get the chance. A crisp and current report will be greatly appreciated, as there are quite a few threads like this that are outdated. Even many of the vendor reports are stale now. Something a little more informative and recent, that the budget-minded knuckle-buster, like myself could use. If it goes good for you then I may go that way also. If not, then at least they have a nice billboard here. :)
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    OK I got my engine kit last Tuesday! It was double boxed and everything inside was in its own lil bag. Their was a few loose nuts in the box dont know if they are extra or not. Everything looked ok only complaint is crappy paint job on tank and exhaust but I already knew that. I have not got to install mine yet as my bike frame is really tight but my buddy who got the exact same bike and engine crammed his in there and was riding it last night. I prefer to take my time and do it right lol.
  11. WolfByu

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    Oh also i said i would take pictures. Well I got one picture of the box it came in before I got excited and just ripped it all open!!! Sorry lol but i will post pics of my entire build when i get started.
  12. Bob the boatbuilder

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    Welcome, I'm a newbie myself. I've given up the tomos moped and love the mb. Just today a truck window rolled down and the wife gave a thumbs up!
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    Howdy Bob. Glad your enjoying your MB. All I get to do is stare at my engine kit and hope I can find a good bike for it lol. Maybe next weekend I will be riding...
  14. olow

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    so ok have 4 builds under my wings and all come out good hope u all get it together and show us some builds
  15. WolfByu

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    Well here it is. Taking it out for the first spin as soon as I wake up in the morning :devilish:

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  16. lsoult

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    She's a beauty. How'd the first ride go?
  17. lazaruslong

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    pretty bike --looks good--enjoy your first ride
  18. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Are my eyes deceiving me, or is your carb mounted on a very long intake? Just curious.

    Be absolutely sure that the chain tensioner is very tightly secured to the seat stay frame. If it pivots inward into the spokes, a major accident might occur.:ack2:
  19. WolfByu

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    It has a five inch intake had to offset it to the side cause of clearance issues. As for the chain tensioner has a set screw right in the middle. Gotta go ride this thing see ya..:helmet:
  20. WolfByu

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    Just got home been riding it off and on all day. It ran perfect didnt have to adjust anything except chain tensioner. MY stock brake pads are 75% gone now guess i will have to buy new ones :rolleyes7: