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    pioneers ? out here? meet a guy here that had a GSH, thought it'd be cheap and dependable transport,but... not as easy as it seems. good thing I have a freind here ! think there's @ 8-10 bikes here now, anyway, mine seems cursed,got 2 fix some thing every week ! check on her constantly. I call it "the honey moon" been work'n it out one thing at a time. Wish I 'd known @ u guys earlyer ! U have already helped me ! GREAT SITE !! mahalo!

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    Just lose some of the stock bits and you'll start moving toward reliability. Mahalo sir.
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    duvall eh ? i used 2 live up in mt.vernon,sedro @ 5 yrs ago. Was there @ 30 yrs ! kids live in Everett, good ride'n weather here year round !
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    Lucky!! I was just on Oahu two weeks ago.

    Weird. It was 74°F here yesterday. 68 now.
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