Another Fito Modena GT motorized.

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  1. Bacek

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    This was my fist build. It took forever, it required a lot of fabrications and modifications... And finally...

    c98f1a15-9f1c-41d0-9ef6-2076a76a4131.jpg 86ac9174-eea9-4037-96cf-fba56d362c5e.jpg 793298b4-5a62-4fc6-bdf7-3e21a5e53ecc.jpg WP_20151015_15_13_29_Pro.jpg

    I put 56 tooth sprocket for torque and a spring loaded tensioner. Surprisingly, this thing is working. It goes about 18 MPH. I'm on my 4th mile and still alive.

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  2. nishikidrift

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    Nice,where did you find the fuel tank?
  3. Bacek

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    I found it on Ebay. Look up seller named myersfab. He can make a tank with your specs at a reasonable price. His name is Tony and he is nice to deal with.