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    Hello all. My name is Dave. I am from rochester, n.y. I saw a guy in my neighborhood riding a bike with an engine on it and this sparked my interest. He said if I gave him a bike he would put an engine on it for $300. If he provided the bike it would be $500. I am a gearhead by nature so I am looking into doing it for myself. I live less than 5 miles from work so I thought this could be very practical as a daily commuter.

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    You can do it yourself if you have any mechanical ability. Before you settle on a bike for a daily commuter be sure to explore all options. The 2 stroke in frame kits are cool, but require daily maint....The four stroke kits are more reliable. Other options include rack mount, friction drive and electric.

    Research your local laws and buy accordingly, This will give you the most stress free ride. (If law enforcement frowns on motorized bikes I would stay away from inframe 2 stroke kits, they are like waving a red flag.)

    Welcome to MBc. If you have any questions, search.....if you runinto a problem post a question or PM me.
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    Should be OK......Other than wrenches all you will need is a drill. You will need to drill a small hole in the hadlebars for the throttle locator tab.

    You might have problems with the front mounting. I recently bought this:
    It worked perfectly. The only problem is that you will have to measure the front tube to get the measurement.
    A member with alot of knowlege (AlFisherman) has made his own : He also has alot of notes, check out his profile page.
    This is a kit that you will have to check and maintain regularly. In the 2 stroke forum there are several guides and tips under the stickies section. The down side is that you should also be prepared to pedal the five miles when something happens. The upside is that you should be able to keep it running, with a little reading and a good eye on maintaining it.
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    The bike has an aluminum will need to keep a close eye on it for metal fatigue and failure.
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    welcome to the forum

    welcome to the forum Dave.
    that looks like a happy times motor ...and may come with large tube adapter.
    both mine did ..(but different supplier on ebay).
    also may not need to drill handlebars for throttle if yours will tighten properly.
    there's lots of data here for the happy times .
    enjoy and good luck