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  1. Hello all. My name is Gerald, and I am from the hottest place on earth (AKA Phoenix, AZ) I am 52 years old, and an auto mechanic by trade. I used to be an avid cyclist (though not part of the spandex set) I never wore a helmet either, I grew up on a farm, and rode bicycles all over the place. I still have my Schwinn Stingray from 1970. To me a bicycle is just something you hop on and go. Unfortunately I have developed a fairly disabling condition, a combination of of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia that has put a serious damper on my bike riding. I also ride motorcycles, and decided that the answer to my desire to continue riding bicycles was to get a motored bike.

    I have been doing quite a bit of research on the subject, and have pretty much decided on a high quality rack mounted 4 stroke engine, but have not decided on what type of drive system I want yet. They seem to all have their pros and cons. I will also have to find a suitable bicycle, one that is comfortable, but still capable of supporting my 220 pounds with a motor attached.

    I had a VeloSolex, one of the Hungarian built models, for those familiar with the Solex, and went through 2 rear wheels before giving up and selling it. I have been considering a Worksman bike.

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    Welcome to the forum. When I lived in the Phoenix area, I thought Yuma was a bit hotter. Maybe Yuma is just more humid.
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    Hi Gerald,

    Welcome to the club. It'll be interesting to know which engine and drive system you choose.
  4. Well I found the bike, on Craigslist. It is an early '90s Trek Antelope 800, steel frame, Araya aluminum wheels, in beautiful condition. Looks like somebody bought it and never rode it. Being a mountain bike, it will need a large cruiser seat and higher bars to make it comfortable, but it is a solid well built bike. It will also need street tires, but it needs new tires anyway, due to the age of the ones that came on it.

    I have decided on a friction drive, with a Honda GX35 engine. I wanted the BMP kit, because of the jackshaft option, so it could be easily converted to chain drive, but it looks like they are out of business, so I will most likely go with the Staton friction drive kit. Being here in Phoenix, AZ, where rain is a very rare thing indeed, the friction drive should work fine. And the Araya double walled wheels with stainless steel spokes and wide flanged hubs should hold up ok with my weight.
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