Anybody recognize this transmission?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Alaskavan, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    This was given to me today. It's about 12"x6"x5". There's a clutch in the input gear. It's supposed to have 3 forward gears and reverse. I'm thinkin' this might be neat on a recumbent delta trike.




    The guy who gave it to me got it originally for the electric motor on his sailboat (an interesting subject in itself). He discovered that he didn't need it, so he gave it to me.

  2. 86BG

    86BG Member

    I would love to have one of these on my buggies. I use big industrial engines and rely on a CVT belt transmission/clutch for propulsion, but would love to combine the 2 for almost unlimited gearing. If there are any numbers on it post them. I'd love to get my hands on 1 of these. How are both of the input and output sprockets on what it seemingly the same shaft? What kind of clutch?