Anyone epoxy their magneto?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Frankenstein, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Frankenstein

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    So if anyone noticed I did post a topic about that pull starter and my magneto magically dying around the time it failed, at this point I'm actually leaning further towards failure due to water infection. Could have been pot badluck, being that very close inspection yielded no physical damage.

    My wonder is did anyone ever epoxy their magneto or heard of doing it?

    I have my new mag (used) and I washed it down with dawn and piping got water, rinsed it down well, and stuck it in my easy bake oven (toaster oven) for 250 at 45 minutes to cook out all the water.

    After I did a double coat of the mag up to the first set of screw holes with clear cheap harbor freight 5 minute epoxy.

    It looks nice and the epoxy should be able to prevent moisture or water from busting the circuit. I don't know how much heat will be held in by the epoxy but I'm going to assume it won't be too much since these thing barely have enough wattage to power an led let alone enough to overheat a bit of wire wrapped around a pretty good heat sink.

    I went with epoxy since the rtv seems to be slightly unreliable and it's just a pain to apply, I might even vacuum seal the next one to get a deep coat of epoxy down in the coil and armature to add longevity (the deeper the coat reaches the better the vibration resistance, and if anything epoxy has got to be a better heat transfer than air, if anything it would be more efficient at dissipating heat.)

    No, I did not use the search button I just hit up the hard liquor and started a thread, research it for me if you'd like I'm lazy.

  2. butre

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    I always pot my coils on any new engine I get. my coils are always dead reliable.
  3. FurryOnTheInside

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    Please excuse my ignorance but
    What does "pot my coils" mean?
  4. butre

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    to pot a coil is to coat it in something to protect it. some people like wax, some like epoxy, some crazies out there even like polyurethane resin.

    me, I'm one of those crazies, but as I'm more likely to have epoxy on hand it usually ends up being epoxy that I use.
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  5. crassius

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    6 or 8 years ago on the forums, folks talked about just painting them for water protection, but so many of them have the coils get a bit loose on the armature over time and break the seal, that I haven't heard much about it since

    I've knocked a thin wedge of hard plastic under edge of coil to hold it in place, but doubt it does much over a long time. When the solder connection breaks due to vibs, I now add a length of flexible wire to it to allow for the movement.
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  6. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    painting isn't ideal, you need something that can soak into the coils.
  7. Frankenstein

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    Which is partially why I suggest vacuum setting the epoxy, if done right it gets the good goo right down into the deepest parts that held any air. It also does the same thing a plastic shim would do by filling any gaps with a pretty vibration proof material for what it's worth.