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On the Phatmoto bike, what is the difference between the 25mph bike and the 32mph bike? Different gearing or larger engine? Thanks for your answers.
This is what jerry was asking for.


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In the post that Wyvern posted yesterday, I just clicked on the link and the colors, prices, and speeds were posted. The 32mph bike was $100.00 more.
In their description section they tell you the reason you're being charged more and the differences between the bike's.

  • 32 MPH Max. Speed option has a 44 tooth rear sprocket.
  • 25 MPH Max. Speed option has a 50 tooth rear sprocket.
* To upgrade to the 32 MPH Max Speed, it is necessary to replace the stock 50-tooth rear sprocket that originally comes with the bike to 44 tooth sprocket. At PHATMOTO, we take care of this replacement for you, which involves a considerable amount of labor including sizing the 415 chain.
I never knew removing a wheel, swapping sprockets, and shortening a chain was "considerable labor." Maybe for a weekend warrior it might be, but that's light work lol.
You mean that everytime that I change a sprocket and shorten my chain that this is considered a 100 dollar job ???
That first bike is neat, but yeah, it's not economical to order just one or two, which you can do by ordering a sample, but the shipping is $900, and it may get confiscated at customs.
Did you ask them about shipping to come up with the $900.00? Shipping and having import permitting in place is the problem with this stuff.