Bike frames for motorized bicycles

On the Phatmoto bike, what is the difference between the 25mph bike and the 32mph bike? Different gearing or larger engine? Thanks for your answers.
I laughed at the $100 upcharge, and got the "slow" bike, when it showed up, it came with the 44 anyway!

Honestly, unless you are under 150lbs, don't gear it to 44- yes it gets to a decent clip, but it's unhappy below 20mph before it gets into the power band.

Not a bad bike truthfully.
Nice. I've bought a lot of stuff from Aliexpress but never from Alibaba. I can sign in to Alibaba with my Ali password but that's as far as I've gone.
Your Aliexpress account basically is an Alibaba account. You can sign into both. Alibaba is just wholesale distribution.

Screenshot 2024-03-09 000817.png

As you can see, it would cost $1000 to get a $600 bike.
DieseTech posted this up in my Good Bike Deals thread.
Rocket Bike

It's not perfect, but I honestly wonder if it could be a good bike with some upgrades. Namely, swap out to different wheels to get rid of the rag joint and convert it to disc brakes. It's got a "Specially Designed Strong Frame" according to the information lol. They don't tell you what it's made out of, but I also found them on Aliexpress and it states the frames are thicker steel tubing.

Honestly, suspension forks with disc brakes and better wheels and it would make kind of a cool bike. I'm almost tempted to buy one just for the fun of it.
IT also is not a "built in tank" from what it looks like. Appears to be "cowling" around a plastic tank like on a dirt bike. Looks nice.
Agreed. Original Poster asked about a bike "with built in tank"... :)
And I made that post stating that it was not perfect. Aka, not what they were looking for, thus covering that base.

Sometimes alternative options to what a person is looking for can be the solution to their problem, or at least offer them something that meets most of their criteria. It's called thinking and living "outside the box." No need to nit pick.
If I'm reading it right the main reason op wants to know is for "going all out" on a second build. Here's my surly 1x1 with the "fatties fit fine" chain stays. It could fit a 40 tooth without a chain tensioner, maybe a 44.

These were discontinued around 2016 but if you can find one for a good price these aren't a bad candidate. I got mine for 400 dollars. Most have disc brakes but mine is old. Anyhow all of them have the 1 1/8 steerer tube. IMO only problem is that the biggest chainring it can fit is a 32 which isn't very big and you can spin out around 17-18 mph unless you use a geared hub. But most builders don't want to pedal in the first place so that's not a common problem in this hobby.

But it is light weight! A little under 30 lbs with aluminum wheels and a nexus 7 hub. Could easily get a sub 60lb build with a stock china doll.

I do plan on motorizing it but I am saving for a staton friction kit and a genuine gx35.


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