Anyone know about Neoprene or where to get it

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by 2stroker, May 14, 2012.

  1. 2stroker

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    Im looking for some neoprene to make a drive wheel out of. I need neoprene 90 i have looked all over for it and cant seem to find. I used to get from proffesional plastics but they only carry 75a grade and not 90. So if there is anyone out there in Motorized Bike work that can point me in the right direction that would be great!! Thanks and if ya do find it try it out in 1 1/4in or 1 1/8in diameter. You will be surprised at how good it works!

  2. professor

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    Try McMaster Carr. Don't know if they carry it but they might.
  3. darwin

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    Try monsterbikes aka Dimension edge.
  4. 2stroker

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    Mcmaster carr had 75 neoprene but not 90 hardness neoprene. I can find up to 82 buts it grips to good and tears up the tire. The 90 is the perfect hardness in an 1 1/8th diameter. I didn't see it on the monster bike either. . Does there actual drive wheel grip the tire good with out tearing it up to bad. Im gonna find someone to custom make me a couple drive wheels outta neoprene 90. I used to have an u.s. engine kit from 93' with a neoprene 90 drive wheel on it and it worked great. Im gonna see if McMaster carr can make it.
  5. 2stroker

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