Anyone use a Gasless MIG welder??

Discussion in 'Painting, Welding, Bending and Gas Tanks' started by djase10, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Hi all.

    After a long time of thinking about it , i'm going to take the plunge and buy myself a MIG /mag welder.

    My finances dictate that a gasless one is the go.

    NOT a 100AMP toy, something a bit beefier that can run off a standard (AUST)10AMP socket

    I'm looking at a nice 160AMP one that can run bottled argon also.

    It can handle the small 0.9KG GASLESS wire
    as well as Standard 5kg wire rolls.

    Spare parts such as nozzles and tips are readily available at welding/hardware shops.

    Capable of welding mild steel/ stainless steel & Aluminum.

    Any one own a Gasless welder??
    how is it on Alloy?

    How is it all round?


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  2. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    I've got a small 140 amp MIG welder and it works great with argon gas. I have tried to weld with the "gasless wire" and the results were less than spectacular. There was a lot of spatter, and the weld was not as good looking. (although structurally, it was probably ok) It was probably my crappy welding skills, but IMO welding with gas is the way to go! Even I can produce professional looking results when the bottle is turned on.

    I have never tried to MIG weld aluminum, I've only worked with steel and cast iron. (cast iron is hard to work with!) I'll stick with the easy stuff. Aluminum seems a little too intimidating to me.
  3. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    I thought that I was a welder -- once upon a time

    then this friend who made wheel chairs wanted to teach me to MIG weld aluminum
    I found it to be -- a little more than a test

    the thin aluminum I was welding -- blew holes easy

    but on the other side -- my friend was a master...

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  4. hill climber

    hill climber Member

    i worked in a fab shop. have welders at home and used several other welders. buy the best welder you can afford. try to stay away from gasless only units as there versatiliy is limited. i personaly like to use a 220volt welder over the 110volt units, they just seem to have a smoother burn. when using gas with you mig use a argon/co2 mix, i belive 75/25 unless you plan on welding stainless or aluminium and stay out of the wind, blows your gas away and makes for some bad welds. by the way get yourself an auto darkening shade, youll love it. burn some steel. hill climber ps. dont let the dog watch.
  5. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    auto shade welding helmet

    Thanks guys.

    Won a auto shade Helmet with adjustable din
    last night.
    In the post now.
    Just the welder and wire to go.

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  6. will_start

    will_start Member

    I used a gas-less MIG welder I lent from a friend, and its fun when the sparks burn holes in things,
    and its on fire after you stop.

    Here's 5 simple things I learnt:

    1. Remember to always put the mask in front of your face before touching metal.
    2. Connect the earth before starting.
    3. Always have a bucket of water handy to put out any flames.
    4. Don't drink alcohol and weld, at the same time.
    5. Leave the mask on until the glowing of the metal stops.

    My weld snapped after a month, I re-welded it, but haven't road tested yet.
  7. softride

    softride Member


    I use a lincoln wirefeed with coated wire for steel but for small non structual aluminum I use a MAPP GAS SET UP with low temp rods from Harbor Freight works great and makes good flow welds quickly.
  8. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    EXCELLENT investment.
  9. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Won the mig welder couple of days ago,
    after missing out last week..

    By the way.......

    The auto darken welding helmet is truly EXCELLENT.

    if you weld or like welding, and you hav'nt got one =GET ONE,

    I used my arc welder to test it, and my weld quality is up a step !!.

    No blind arc strikes in the wrong place to get the arc started,
    just strike the arc and weld , Cause you can see everything to start with!!!

    Helmet is a great investment and highly recommended ..

    My welder arrives on the 25/9/08, cant wait..
  10. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    MAPP gas torch

    Hey softride,
    Is this what you use??

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  11. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    My Gas-less MIG welder is EXCELENT!!@$286.50

    G'day everyone .

    Yeah, This Gas less MIG welder i have bought is really GOOD.

    Scored some flux cored mig wire, and the results are very good,

    tested on an old bike frame,

    Excellent steel penetration without the blow through / holes , that my arc welder did.

    Cost = $189.00 + $97.50 P&H (delivered in crate)

    Total=$286.50 -


  12. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Expansion chamber, using Gasless MIG welder- HIGHLY RECOMENDED!~

    Gas less MIG is choice!!!

    Scored a 900G roll FLUX Cored 0.8mm mig wire, and yes!!!

    Able to make an expansion chamber (thin .8mm walled steel) and MAN so easy!!

    I bought a cheap pocket bike exhaust,

    cut it up,
    and butted the joins
    and tacked with the MIG,
    then welded around the join-
    grind off excess , and done.

    I can HIGHLY recommend a Gasless mig welder used in conjunction with a auto darken welding helmet..

    case closed.


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  13. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    I am looking to upgrade my welder because the wire feeder in mine is acting funky and the parts aren't available anymore. (it is 15 years old)

    I tried out the Lincoln 140C and 180C welders at a local shop, and these are top notch welders IMO. The voltage is continuously adjustable, so it is suitable for light gauge metal with lower risk for burning through. My old welder had two toggle switches to adjust welding power. Adequate, but not optimal. Price for the Lincolns are 650-750 bucks, the 180C needs a 220V outlet - the 140C runs on 110V. These welders produced great results with gasless wire, and I even welded aluminum with the optional spool gun. (It wasn't very hard at all, but you have to push the weld pool and move fast!)
  14. hot70cc

    hot70cc Guest

    Without gas= a pourus weld not solid , with gas= solid weld and the absolute best way to weld with a mig. Thats the difference with and without gas. Best wire fed mig welder for a beginner IMO You can get it way cheaper from a tractor supply or amazon if you can find it. Skill Level Is Marked LOW
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  15. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    I agree - MIG is the way to go if you have the extra cash for a MIG capable welder. But the low cost of the gasless wire feed welders makes them attractive for the hobbyist. Once you find out how handy a welder is, you'll want to upgrade quickly. Once you get one, you'll look for things to fabricate, just for the heck of it!

    hot70cc - what do you think of the Lincoln welders I was looking at? Are there others that may be better at a lower cost? I was impressed with them, but I am not a professional welder. The dealer I went to also had Miller welders, but only carried Lincoln in the smaller "home owner" sizes. Also played a little with a plasma cutter - WAY COOL! Cut through 1/16" sheet metal like butter, and you could pick up the piece without burning yourself. A bit expensive though........
  16. hot70cc

    hot70cc Guest

    WOW "MILLER"/ LINCOLN welders, now your talking professional welders. Absolutely the professional way to go if you had expirience. Hobart is the lower grade of the two but not the cheapest . IMO if you had expireince with welding and had the extra cash for those 2 top brand welders it is the only way to go, BUTTT since you are new at welding I wouldn't try to use them. They are for expireinced welders only. Yeah they might have a lower cost welder for you but in all reality why spend $400 more for one of these welders if you are not a master welder or mechanic. Go for the HOBART140EZ Welder it is automatic for the wire feed setting and would be great for almost all the at home situations. Good Luck Hope This helps. DO some searching on the Hobart Welders I think this is What you are looking for.
  17. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    I thought Hobart was a "professional" brand too?
    In any case, the Lincoln welders I demoed were "consumer grade" models - the 140C runs on 120V and the duty cycle is around 20% on both the 140 and 180. The big difference between the Lincolns and the Harbor Freight welders is the wire feed mechanism, which is the part that failed on my old welder. (It also jammed a little too frequently.)
  18. hot70cc

    hot70cc Guest

    Yes its true, HOBART is a professional brand welder also, but it is the least expensive of the two Lincoln And Miller. What did you want him to do? Send him to walmart for the Campbell Hausfeld Welder. I would spare anybody the cheap brand of that welder. In my expirience from that brand is painful. Also him being a newb of welding I'm sure he is not familiar with duty cycles, volts and percentages, but if he is thats a huge plus on welding. With the Hobart 140EZ model All you have is one knob to turn for the wire speed and AMPerage. All he would have to know is the thickness of metal he is trying to weld, and it plugs into a regualar houshold outlet.
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  19. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    I think we're on different pages. djase10 bought his welder (he did a nice job on a custom pipe too!), and I am the one looking to replace mine!
  20. hot70cc

    hot70cc Guest

    LOL Sorry I Meant it for you. I thought you was a different person. But I still stand on my theory for the Hobart 140EZ It would be the Best for your Needs.