Anyone use a Gasless MIG welder??



Hi all.

After a long time of thinking about it , i'm going to take the plunge and buy myself a MIG /mag welder.

My finances dictate that a gasless one is the go.

NOT a 100AMP toy, something a bit beefier that can run off a standard (AUST)10AMP socket

I'm looking at a nice 160AMP one that can run bottled argon also.

It can handle the small 0.9KG GASLESS wire
as well as Standard 5kg wire rolls.

Spare parts such as nozzles and tips are readily available at welding/hardware shops.

Capable of welding mild steel/ stainless steel & Aluminum.

Any one own a Gasless welder??
how is it on Alloy?

How is it all round?



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I've got a small 140 amp MIG welder and it works great with argon gas. I have tried to weld with the "gasless wire" and the results were less than spectacular. There was a lot of spatter, and the weld was not as good looking. (although structurally, it was probably ok) It was probably my crappy welding skills, but IMO welding with gas is the way to go! Even I can produce professional looking results when the bottle is turned on.

I have never tried to MIG weld aluminum, I've only worked with steel and cast iron. (cast iron is hard to work with!) I'll stick with the easy stuff. Aluminum seems a little too intimidating to me.
I thought that I was a welder -- once upon a time

then this friend who made wheel chairs wanted to teach me to MIG weld aluminum
I found it to be -- a little more than a test

the thin aluminum I was welding -- blew holes easy

but on the other side -- my friend was a master...

Ride That Thing - Mountainman
i worked in a fab shop. have welders at home and used several other welders. buy the best welder you can afford. try to stay away from gasless only units as there versatiliy is limited. i personaly like to use a 220volt welder over the 110volt units, they just seem to have a smoother burn. when using gas with you mig use a argon/co2 mix, i belive 75/25 unless you plan on welding stainless or aluminium and stay out of the wind, blows your gas away and makes for some bad welds. by the way get yourself an auto darkening shade, youll love it. burn some steel. hill climber ps. dont let the dog watch.
auto shade welding helmet

Thanks guys.

Won a auto shade Helmet with adjustable din
last night.
In the post now.
Just the welder and wire to go.


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I used a gas-less MIG welder I lent from a friend, and its fun when the sparks burn holes in things,
and its on fire after you stop.

Here's 5 simple things I learnt:

1. Remember to always put the mask in front of your face before touching metal.
2. Connect the earth before starting.
3. Always have a bucket of water handy to put out any flames.
4. Don't drink alcohol and weld, at the same time.
5. Leave the mask on until the glowing of the metal stops.

My weld snapped after a month, I re-welded it, but haven't road tested yet.

I use a lincoln wirefeed with coated wire for steel but for small non structual aluminum I use a MAPP GAS SET UP with low temp rods from Harbor Freight works great and makes good flow welds quickly.
Won the mig welder couple of days ago,
after missing out last week..

By the way.......

The auto darken welding helmet is truly EXCELLENT.

if you weld or like welding, and you hav'nt got one =GET ONE,

I used my arc welder to test it, and my weld quality is up a step !!.

No blind arc strikes in the wrong place to get the arc started,
just strike the arc and weld , Cause you can see everything to start with!!!

Helmet is a great investment and highly recommended ..

My welder arrives on the 25/9/08, cant wait..
MAPP gas torch

I use a lincoln wirefeed with coated wire for steel but for small non structual aluminum I use a MAPP GAS SET UP with low temp rods from Harbor Freight works great and makes good flow welds quickly.

Hey softride,
Is this what you use??


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