Tubes anyone use these "no mor flats" airless tires?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by astring, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. astring

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    I want to avoid flats and I am going to put them on the mbike I'm going to make (as soon as the kit arrives). Any thoughts?

  2. Clotho

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    I have a NoMorFlats on the back of my bike. Clotho's Bike

    It rides a bit mushy but it doesn't go flat anymore. I found after awhile that I grew used to it. I still check the spokes for tightness and the rim for straight, from time to time. So far so good.

    My front tire was never a problem so I left the tube in it. I just put the NoMorFLats on the back. I think that the handling is a bit better with the tube in the front than it would be with a NoMorFlats up front.

    Where did you find your NoMorFlats?
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  3. astring

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    Walmart::mad: (who I hate)
  4. ozzyu812

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    I'm using Bell Flatblocker Max. LIFETIME GUARANTEE! They have taken some hits. I only loose 10 psi every week. I ride at least 50 Mi per week. Oh, and they are only 10 bucks each!
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  5. turkeyssr

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    What is Flatblocker Max? Is it stuff you put *in* the tire (tube)? Where do you get it? Will it work with Presta valves?
  6. ozzyu812

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    Its heavy duty tube with sealer in it. The box measures 4" x 4 1/2" x 10"! I got it at the dreaded WAL-MART. If its not stocked on the shelf they maybe online at

    What is the advantage of Presta valves?
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  7. datz510

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    If you are losing 10psi per week, you might try to check the valve stem to make sure the core is tight. Might be leaking a little air past the core.

    I'm running slime tubes in mine. Thought about some no mor flats, but so far the slime tubes have been fine. I do 95% on road riding and the roads are pretty clean here, so havent had any problems yet.
  8. ozzyu812

    ozzyu812 Member

    Thanks for the tip, I've never adjusted them. Would really know what too tight would be.Its only 10 psi between both tires. I know I've punctured them 3X. I have some Slime. I may slime'em too if I have too mess with the valve stem anyway.
  9. Weedylot

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    I just had a flat on my Whizzer, the tubes and tires are original (1998). I found some pre-slimed tubes at a garage sale for $1 each, but I was considering some Armadillo tires with kevlar. Anybody running Armadillos on a Whizzer?
  10. lennyharp

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    The problem I had with No More Flats airless tubes is flat spots developing as the tube broke down. You never got a flat tire so to speak but did get a unevenness or a flat spot in one or more areas of the tube. Also they weigh a ton and are harsh riding. I would use a strong tire like the Continental one the police use and sealer in a thorn resistant or regular tube. It is common to need to air up a bicycle tire weekly. The heaviest tube and tire combo is way thinner than a car or truck tire. The air is part of a bicycle suspension so is softer riding than a no more flats.
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  11. silent

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    I'm running a set of British made Schwalbe whitewall Kevlar tires with the inner tubes that have slime in them. I've never had a flat with a Kevlar tire and it is money well spent. I now ride anywhere without any worries. I'm a big guy - over 300 pounds and the Whizzer just keeps on going. I had one tire go flat on me last year and that sucked - I was 20 miles from home and had to call for a ride.


  12. Pablo

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    I just got Kevlar ply tires. I must say, they are very well balanced. My rear tube is a factory Slime filled unit......OK, but let the air out slowly and even then some slime will come out....hmm....I'm not keen on those "solid" tubes, but I have no experience with them, so I'm not qualified to comment. How hard are they to install?

    I used to have some fairly thin skinned but super light, and super grippy off road tires....I mean the sidewalls are thin. Not good for punctures and strangely hard to balance. TERRIBLE for anything over 25 mph on the street.

    I don't think we emphasize good tires enough, especially if you do any mods for speed and power. :cool:
  13. kaploink

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    I run either kevlar belted tires or mr tuffy liners on my bikes. The belts make a big difference in flat protection. Throw in some thorn resistant tubes and you should have a pretty bullet proof tire.

    Keeping the correct air pressure in the tires also helps a lot. Buy a pump with a pressure gauge and check high pressure skinny tires daily and wider low pressure ones at least every couple days to prevent pinch flats.
  14. turkeyssr

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    There isn't any "advantadge" to Presta valves that I know of, other than it's easier to let air out. Presta valves were necessary due to road rims being very narrow. Putting a standard schrader valve in a narrow rim could compromise the rims strength. Why they make MTB rims with presta valves I will never understand. I wouldn't think strength would be an issue.

  15. mark2yahu

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    The Slime "Smart Tube" is 5x thicker than normal tubes. Probably the same as Bell Flatblocker Max. I don't lose any air over the course of 2 months...maybe 1 or 2 psi in three months.
  16. ozzyu812

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    Thanks for explaining that :cool: