augidog at bonneville


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Apr 20, 2008
ahh...but an efficiency competition...timed stops, make it a poker-run for a bike/kid charity to boot...

so, nick just did some high-def magic at youtube:

Nick said:
Hey Augie,

I have updated the video on Youtube to say motorized bicycle. Also, FYI. Click on the "watch in HD" link on Youtube under the right bottom corner of the video of you. MUCH much better quality. Oh baby. Looks really nice. Very close to actual footage quality. You can tell others to do a Youtube search for "Bonneville Salt Flats 2008" (keyword being : 2008) Your clip should be one of the top videos on the list.

Please enjoy.

Very best my man.

he's right, it does look nice. imagine what kind of attention a dozen MB's would generate!

let's ride!

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augi pm me your email, as your not accepting pm's i need to send you something!