availability of Grubee type bicycle engine kit parts(mount)



I recently bought a nice 2.8 H.P. Lifan 4 cycle engine through ebay,and would like to use it with a Max Torque centrifugal clutch.The other item I would like to use is the Grubee Skyhawk rear engine mounting bracket for
the newly acquired engine.
I have been having great difficulty in trying to find a retailer or internet source for this engine mounting bracket,and would like to know if anyone has information on this engine bracket-whether it is still in production and available through the internet or online classifieds?????

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Wow, I just did the same thing. I bought the 2.8 Lifan on ebay and can't even get a parts manual for it.
The ad stated that it was parts interchangable with Honda but which one?
If you get any help, PLEASE pass it on to me.
Thanks Man
Lifan motor

If anyone has info on parts or manuals for the Lifan 152-F that is supposed to be honda compatible, PLEASE let us know?
Doc :confused:
Hey RatRod,
I was asking,because Mactac190 also bought the same engine from the same seller as me. I was referring to RoJo but thanks anyway.
Relax Max
i think i woulda done the same thing had i felt 'accused' of being an ebay seller (jk, some of yas are alright) LOL!

on-topic again...if all you want is the mounting-plate, start looking for other non-grube sources. heck, it's only a hunka metal.

if you mean to find a whole install-kit...tough one so far...i keep lobbying with certain sellers i communicate with to make a kit-only available...we'll see.