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  1. darth garfunkel

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    So I was looking for a nice roll bag to store some basic tools I may need on the road. I didn't like the look of the nylon ones and the leather ones I saw were usually had all of the leather fringe and dingleberries hanging off.

    My solution was to take a 1949 steel Shlitz can and make the kit out of that.
    Parts: Beer can, PVC pipe, compression plug, 2 dog collars.

    Cut the top off the can and hot glue a length of the pvc inside, drill a hole in the top of the can to fit the bolt for the pvc compression plug and rivet on a couple of dog collars to hang it off the bike.

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  2. professor

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    Darth, that is great. Wait till the old time bike guys see that.
  3. domino

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    That is truly unique. It's mods like yours that make our bikes "ONE OF A KIND". I've been trying to find somthing similar to make a fuel tank out of. I just don't like the looks of the stock HT tank for my bike. Nice mod indeed.
  4. fm2200

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    That's pure red neck stuff but very retro looking, I love it as well, great idea Darth.
  5. Turtle Tedd

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    Darth..thats the kind of stuff I like
  6. MotoMagz

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    Man that looks great!
  7. Chris Crew

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    Take it from a Schlitz man, that's cool.