Athena Boardtrack Racer build

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Some of yall already know that im switching over from the china jugs to the Italian jugs. My first ever hybrid Minarelli project. The plan is to buy the cheap $200 cast iron engine buy the required parts for it and start learning the ups and downs to this type of build. once Im comfortable with my skill set I will upgrade once more and change top ends to the Athena sport aluminum top end..

So since im sporting a new powerplant. I thought it would be appropriate to start this build off with a fresh new look and aesthetician design. I stripped the bike down and paintined it a 3stage color shift paint. which I bought for $10 a can at walmart. I used black for a secondary color to give the bike depth and then used Tan to give the bike contrast that highlights eye pleasing points on the bike Took 3 cans to paint along with 2 cans of black, a can of primer and a can of clear coat. Roughly $70 invested for the paint.

To break up and blend in the seams of black and color shift I used automotive stick on chrome trim stripping. I got the 3/16 wide strip. which comes in a 20ft roll at any autoparts store (Autozone $16). The strip is made of a flexable nylon and is adhered to a surface by 3m tape. Once put on it, it stays on. unless you want to rip your paint off your bike. lol. I found Using a tourch lighter you can heat the strip and manipulate it to create curves and bends. But dont get it to warm because it will crinkle the chrome.

Tonight I finally finished the bike and its now ready for the motor. Im very pleased with my quality of work and I absolutly love the look of this bike. The style is like no other bike ive seen and continues to stop people in their tracks when they see it. Hope yall like it aswell.

You should put this in it instead, just to mix things up

Reliable little motors they are but im afraid with only 2hp it wouldnt be for me. Im looking for a
high reving butt clencher. lol