Athena Boardtrack Racer build

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So i really havnt had much time to spend working on my bike. I started my own buisness and it has really taken off. I havnt had a day off in over a month and im making more money than i ever have. So I have just ben grinding on the clock non stop. I did however get my new rims and they are awsome. I had to re dish the back wheel because from the factory the dishing is to off center for both chains to align correctly. I also had to take out the axle and flip ends so i had more thread on the drive chain side. Other than that the wheels are so sturdy and super smooth . Ive only rode a couple times and I gotta tell ya this motor is scary fast. I havent pushed it yet as im still in the breakin period. Im also having to jet it causenits way off.

Turns out my homemade expansion chamber does work on this motor but its a tad restrictive. so I just ordered a KX85 pipe which im going to make it a belly pipe. I also bought the cdh square 6cc head. after i get my pipe in the mail and mod it to fit. I should be able to record a ride or two to show you guys just how fast she is. running way to rich with a crap pipe and stock head i hit 45mph. I know this thing will do 60mph when tuned. The pull and acceleration of this motor feels like your on an actual 250cc dirtbike. It almost scares me.
got the KX85 pipe isntalled and it is a beast. The pipe hits so hard at 8,000rpm that it almost picks the front wheel off the ground. its hard to hold on if you dont know when the bpipe hits just by the sound of the motor. Getting more used to it with every ride. But since im past my break in period I have to down jet the main and get a bigger idle jet. I also need to get the ngk r8 plug. mine is to cold at an r6. But its official. my bike is so fast that it scares the pants off of me. Nothing compares to the power of the minarelli except that of an AM6. Best $300 i have ever spent.
Im also thinking about gettinga real VM20. These knock off clones are hard to tune, perform like crap Wide Open and take 2 differen branded jets for the main and pilot. You also have to modify the main to sit properly. Next up is the expensive yet ppwerful real VM20
In the NGK line of spark plugs, the Higher the number, the Colder the plug...That means the NGK-BR8HS plug is COLDER than the BR6HS plug you are saying is already too cold for you.
than its to hot for me then. the plug color is an amber brown. so im to hot now. I have been having trouble with the bike stalling out after the motor gets hot or after a high speed run. i changed all the needle levels and it still does this. i obviosly have to rejet the carb because of my pipe. but could the stalling be from to hot of a plug? like i said the Relli's call for Br8 plug.
If the Reli cals for a BR8 colder plug, then why are you running a BR6 hotter plug then???
Put the right plug in it first and then make other adjustments one at a time to find out what works and what doesn't.

It all starts with the right plug first.
its the only plug i had and ive been to busy running this company to change it out. the only reason i can even ride it for a few min is because i keep the bike at my bew shop. but im gonna get a plug today