Bicycle bone-yard!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by machiasmort, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. machiasmort

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    Stumbled accross an interesting find, a barn full of modern and old parts. Tell me what you need (not motor parts) and I'll see what I can do!

    Include dimensions!

    example: seat post: 35mm

  2. Do you have an old seat, like this?

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    It's a wharehouse full of stuff that got robbed over the summer!

    They still have about 1/4 left which is enough to fill 2 4car garages. How would I ask for that over the phone?

    Is that called a springer seat? BTW, that still looks restorable!
  4. ummm, yeah, I'd call it a springer seat, it's leather, and anything sorta close to it would do. They were made in the '50's and before if that helps any. Thanks!
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  6. I'm looking for more of a '40's or '50's style cruiser seat, I goes on a '50's bike and I want it to look period correct.
  7. machiasmort

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    I've got a few friends looking, they don't think so... If something turns up, I'll let you know... Bump the thread to remind me if you don't hear back in a week... I've got it saved to "subscribed".
  8. Hey, man,
    Thanks for looking.
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    They have any trike bikes whole for fixing up??
  10. machiasmort, I found the seat I need on Ebay, It need re-covered, but, my dad owns a leather shop, so no prob. Thanks for looking, I just needed to tell you that I'm all covered and don't need a seat anymore.
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    No - you need to be a member for at least 30 days and have at least 30 posts before links post. (We had some issues a while back with new members posting links to malicious sites.)
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    My gosh, I'm so sorry guys... I havn't been on because I thought there was lack of interest in the site...

    I quit being notified of posts and all of them are marked as viewed!!! Hope I didn't get hacked???