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    Porkchop Member has a ton of bicycle accessories. It might be a well kept secret. One thing that popped out at me was chain tensioners. I don't know if any of them will readily work with our motorbike kits, but they might can be easily adapted ! Check out that sight. you'll be surprised at all the stuff they have Some of it is well priced too. Even with shipping. Hope this helps a lot of people !

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    True about Amazon, but you will find that a lot is from specific vendors who are affliated with Amazon and have their own terms, like you can't aggragate (sic) items for free shipping.
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    thanks for the info. I've been searching the web for bike parts with some success, but I never would have thought of amazon.

    I'll have a look after I finish this mbc session and check the weather.
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    You are very correct about that. But, one thing I also noticed, some items are a good bit cheaper at Amazon than they are ton the vendor's site. Why do you reckon that is ? I found some high rise handle bars on Amazon for about $14.00 shipped, $24.00 just for the bars at that vendor's site ! You have to do your home work and shop around for the deals.
    Anyway, I just put this post out here hoping it would help somebody in need. No biggie !
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    That's exactly why I posted this. At least I've helped one person today !