Bike wont start - New Build

GW's Motorized

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2:31 PM
Feb 4, 2022
Nyssa, Oregon
So some great news and some what more to learn news!

I left the pin where it was, installed a new NGK spark plug, opened the choke all the way, started peddling, let the clutch go and kept peddling for about 10 seconds while twisting the throttle, she fired up! I was able to ride around for about 15 mins at about 20km/hr.

The other bad news is that the bike dies when I pull in the clutch to let it idle. To keep it from stalling I have to pull on the throttle at a stop. Any ideas here?

Also, My CNC sprocket bolts came loose and my chain broke.. I guess I didnt have it aligned properly... luckily I didnt get hurt either.
Congrats on getting it running, see some of us actually know what we're doing
Maybe turn up the Idle Screw
Could still be the bike running rich or lean.