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  1. QGolden

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    I am about to pull the trigger on a 66/80cc Flying Horse Black Angle Fire Bicycle EnginekitItem# FH-BEK80-B at Bikeberry. They list 4 different Carb options for this.
    I am looking for a post or location that will tell me the differences between the Carbs. I crawled their site and cannot find it. Of course I frequently cannot the see the trees through the forest, do it may be there. Any direction would be appreciated.

    Thx in advance!


  2. RumblingV8

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    I've had the standard NT and also the speed carburetor. While similar, I think the speed carburetor is a little nicer. The line fitting is better and it has a fuel shutoff built in. The slide inside is also bigger but i don't know how much of a difference that actually makes.

    The High performance carburetor is the CNS, it's supposed to be a little more tunable but I've seen on here more often than not that people pull their hair out trying to fiddle with it and switch back to the NT or "speed" carb. Has a choke cable so you control it from the bars rather than the lever on the carb.
    The last option is the CNS with a cone filter.
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  3. QGolden

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    Perfect! Thank you! Exactly the information I was looking for.
  4. crassius

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    looking around the web, I see the 'new' speed carb that has no shutoff & has an inlet pipe that sticks straight out the side - doubt I'd like that any more than I like the red filter that turns pink after a few weeks in sunlight
  5. QGolden

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    Well that muddies up the waters s bit, thx, I sent a note to BikeBerry, I'll let you know what they respond with.
  6. The_Aleman

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    Hard to go wrong with the ol NT. They almost always outlast the engine. I have one in my toolbox that lasted through 3 engines.
  7. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    It is best to be a little leary of totally painted engines...
    Some factories will try to mask casting flaws and cracks with paint.
    Flaws that make themselves known in short order.

    I just buy silver engines and paint what works best for the build with High Temp Engine Paint like PlatiKotes engine enable, heck I use it for everything even if heat is not issue because it's darn good paint.

    The NT is a dandy stock carb, but if you plan for performance mods like an expansion chamber, get the Speed if it is real one that says Speed right on it.
    It has a bigger bore and jet.
  8. QGolden

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    Thanks for the comments, nothing back from Bikeberry yet. KC, thanks for the tip on the painted motors, good point. I certainly can paint it myself. I have a Royal Enfield built in India, similar quality issues. They are good at hiding sins. Not up to what we as Americans expect.

    Not looking for performance, this rig will have a sidecar on it and will be for Parade duty and show.
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  9. RumblingV8

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    I bought mine earlier this year, the same engine. Has the shutoff and vertical inlet.
  10. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Well heck, I'd go electric for that.
    Clean a quite power over a 2-stroke in a parade or show environment, that is gonna be a stinky mess and without gears forget 'parade speed' ability unless you want to clutch in all day.
  11. butre

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    I'd go 4 stroke, electric won't necessarily have the battery life for a whole parade route
  12. QGolden

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    Good thoughts, electric will not have the "period correct" look that I am after, 4 stroke with the covers and rope pull, sort of the same issue, I don't want it to look like it is powered by "Briggs and Stratton" I can put a 50 tooth rear sprocket on it to keep the torque up and the speed down. Could also put a 10t on the front. I haven't figured out the total weight yet and how much torque I will need. If I have to, during a parade, I can always lock the clutch in and pedal it from time to time.
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  13. QGolden

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    I heard back from. BikeBerry today, note that I had also inquired about exhaust that exits behind the rear axle, not in front of the motor. And if they had a Black exhaust.


    "Below I will list the differences with the carburetors.

    -NT Carb is the standard and most basic option
    -Speed Carb - Bigger Intake port allows for better respiration
    -High Performance Carb - Uses a slide mechanism instead of a jet clip/needle also has a cone filter for the best respiration
    -High performance Cone CNS comes with a choke and throttle control controls and performance wise it has the best filter for respiration and utilizes a jet clip/needle system.

    Unfortunately we do not have a muffler like that and the muffler that comes with that kit is chrome.

    BikeBerry Support."