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Bill Snow

I have been looking at the pictures and reading the posts on this forum for about the last three month. I'm not sure, but I think I saw it when it first started up. At the time Steve of Spitfire engines had a forum going that was taking a pretty bad beating due to some very thoughtless people and now I understand it is deflunk.

I started with these motorized bicycles around 1979-80 with a bike called "Bumble Bee " that I put in the back of my airplane. I later bought another that my son rode. We enjoyed the bikes more than the airplane ( that is, when we could keep them running ). My interest continued until it became a part time hobby. The following are bikes that I have put together over the years after the Bumble Bee:

MX-5 engine on ten speed bike and Schwinn Black Phantom. I liked these engines so well that I bought five. I removed the paint and gave the covers a high polish job that looked like Chrome on the Black Phantom. The engine is completely enclosed by these covers and mounts in the same location as the Chinese engine. It really looked nice and I put a lot of miles on these engines which was a big step up from the Bumble Bee.

Bike Machine was another that I installed on a couple of bikes ( Had two engines ) These were very good engines, always started easy and never gave me a single problem.

Golden Eagle engines ( 2), I think 28cc is the size. Very fine set up and the dealer ( Dennis and is wife Julia ) are very nice people to deal with. I think very highly of their engine kit.

Whizzer (2) One Is a Pacermaker 11 that I bought in 2001. The engine reliability and performance was terrible. I had the engine up graded With a cast iron cylinder, high compression head that is reshaped in side the head and larger fins , big valves, crank realined, intake and exhaust opened up. It now performs wonderful. The other Whizzer is the Black Phantom I mentoned earlier. I had the wheels relaced with the heavy Whizzer spokes and brakes. This engine is the new NE-5 that has been modifieda with a custom high compression head, High lift cam, ported and relived and large carb. I just finished this a couple months ago and very pleased. One rotation of the engine and it starts. idles down very low and smooth. When I hit the throttle it really taks off and any hill around here is not a problem. Top end is 65 mph. These Whizzers are illegal as all get out, But I seldom go over 30 mph and ride it more like a bicycle with caution within the law ( except for the cc's and hp ). Most Whizzer owners don't register their bikes and have heard of no problems. I have never been stopped by the police except one time at a police station and they were just interested in the bike. I usually cruise between 18 - 22mph.

The last one is a Chinese engine that I just finished. Several years ago a fellow that was and still is importing these engines, brought me the first 80cc from China ( at least he said it was 80cc ). This engine called a "Wing Ding " and cost $505.00 was the poorist and crudist engine I have seen. Nothing fit,castings extreemiy poor and muffler that was suppose to be chrome was just a rough finished metal. When I called the importer on this very unexceptable quality engine his reply was, " that's just Chinese quality'. When I finished the installing it ran as bad as it looked. I got rid of it and that ended these Chinese engines for me.
Peetie, from the spitfire forum told me over the phone one day about a chinese engine from Live Fast Motors that seemed to be doing very good. After giving it some thought I ordered one a couple months ago ( 70cc). For the money I have to say' it's not bad at all. Instalation went along very well, started very ease, runs smooth and idles down very well. operating controls are smooth including the clutch ( I got an idea off this form, using a locking bicycle brake lever ). It works smoother and thanks for the tip. Have not taken it for a ride yet but so far I like it.

I like your Forun and will continue watching the postings and pictures, may drop a line once in a while .

Long winded I know. In the future if I post something I'll try to make it much shorter.

Best Regards

Bill Snow


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Aug 4, 2006
Wow! Looks like you are an expert. Glad to have you here!

Welcome to the forum!


i appreciate your kind remarks, Bill have everyone and everymotor feel welcome is our goal :)

i figure if you do have a short little something to post, it's gonna be worth reading...welcome to MBc 8)