Billings Montana Fiesta Car Show 2008!!

I entered my Spoiler in a local car and bike show. These are a few pics from it. There were 13 bikes that entered, they honored the top 11 but never clarified what place everyone was. He called my name 4th so that's what I'll go with.... Not bad for a bicycle :cool:


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Must have made some of those guys with much more expensive rigs very angry to see a little putt putt motorized bicycle win them out. Good stuff, she looks real nice.
Sadley enough, the bike that "won" everything was a very simple, plane jane, boring Goldwing. They only reason it won was it was entirely airbrushed with flames and skulls (like no one's every seen that on a bike before.) The chopper you can see two spaces to the left of me loved my bike. At one point he fired up his bike and reved it a little......... So being the smart alec I am.... I copied him when he was done and got a good laugh out of everybody. Everyone would walk by and look at all the other bikes, but they would all actually STOP at mine to look closer :D