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  1. wan37

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    I'm thinking about ordering a new kit for another bike.I wondering which color,silver or black.The black ones look cool but how do they look after a period of time,I have a silver which bought in march of 2011 still looks new and very clean.What's every body think of the black one's.

  2. jeffuehrer

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    The black ones are painted and tend to get hotter because of that fact. I have always stuck with the silver ones. Also it is easier to see if there are any leaks on the silver ones.
  3. Al.Fisherman

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    Have bought both. My first black is unfinished aluminum because the black was coming off. Second black is fine, I really like the black tho.

    Painted black or painted silver, I see no difference in how hot it will get. Now some are not even painted at all. Now with a unpainted, I can see it won't get as hot as a painted. But I don't think the difference will matter at all.
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  4. machiasmort

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    Black is more low-pro... If it saves a ticket?
  5. geebt48cc

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    Go black, because its less conspicuous..............+ much faster.................j/k
  6. HeadSmess

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    yeah, the black tends to retain its black quite well, i must admit.

    bare alloy tends to go poo brown :) and leaks show up nicely :)

    then theres the "efflorescence" or white powdery stuff that bare alloy gets when it gets wet...

    my engines get wet :)

    temp wise...havent noticed any difference...

    one lousy engine i had was painted this weird green silver colour. that stuff turned bronze on the head (burnt) and stunk too boot :(

    black :)
  7. wan37

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    Thanks for your comments on this....I think I'm going low profile.Black has the call:D
  8. jeffuehrer

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    Black is Hotter

    The color that absorbs the most heat is black. White reflects the most heat, which is why you'll see desert-dwelling people wearing it quite often. I live in the desert so my preference is silver which in my case silver wins the race. (it doesn't hurt to own silver either)

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  9. SdCruizer

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    I have a black my friend got a silver
    it took 3-4 runs for my pipe paint to flake
    silver took 1 run

    the painted silver looked dirty from out of the box
    black looked to be painted from above so if you flip the engine over its silver
    really crappy paint job if you ask me

    do yourself a favor, sand off all paint on the pipe and use bbq high temp paint
    ive been running mine for like 3 days now and the paint is still there no flaking or burning off

    should just do the whole engine next time I take it out