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    Hi my name is Bob. "Boob" :bobby::

    I have a Specialized Globe. It has been sitting in the garage now for 2 years collecting dust. I was looking to buy a scooter for my son and I thought of buying a motor for my Globe and that is what brings me here. I am looking for help in choosing the right mods the first time and not have to look back on any choices I have made. My son will also be part of this build.

    I do look forward to the new motorized bicycle and all the input from the members here.


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  2. flynfrenchman

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    I am beginning to see that this site is a waste of my time. Why is there a introduce yourself thread when everyone just views the welcome and does not say hello? WTF!
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    You could be a bit more paitient.......

    Welcome to MBc!

    (Hint: view count does not mean that they can post.)
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    Lots of good info on this site.
    Welcome :)
    And good luck with your project.
    Lots of choices for engines. What were ya thinking 2 or 4 stroke?
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    Thanks for the welcome.

    It has nothing to do with being patient. It shows in the stats with the views and replies. Thanks for the explanation. That would explain it.
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    I do not know. That is why I am here. I do know that I need to stay with a 49 cc and lower. I live in NC and my son lost his driving license from unpaid tickets in FL. He is staying with me and working until all the tickets are paid for and his license is reinstated. I want to do this right. When my son goes back to FL I want to use the Global myself.

    I ride a 2010 HD FXD Super Glide.

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    I was one of those people that could not post for about a year. Just decide to join only a couple of months ago. I would just read everything. Did my first build before joining. 99% of my questions were answered by just reading about other peoples problems / projects. Lots of info
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    Hi to all that do not post! :scooter:
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    Did you have a budget in mind? You can get some nice 4 stroke engines that are friction drive. I don't have one, but they seem to be the most reliable and trouble free. Most major brands make bike engines, like Honda etc. But compaired to the little china engines, most people consider them expensive. 2 stroke Grubee is gonna run ya about $200 with shipping. That's what I have, very fun, but I would not use it to go back and forth to work with. Just don't trust it that much.
    I did go for a 25 mile ride the other day without any problems. It can be done.
    Sounds like ya just need to do some reading and use the search function. Go check out some of the websites that sell these kits. Have fun :)
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    My son will be traveling 3 miles to and from work. No budget here. I was going to buy a Genuine Scooter 49 cc Roughhouse that runs $1,999. I am just trying to get some use out of the Globe.

    Salem, MA born and raised.
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