Brakes needed but no where to put them.

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    I have a beach cruiser with a 2 cycle 80cc motor mounted above the pedals. The bike has fenders which I dont want to get rid of. The only brakes right now are the standard coaster brakes. They work but you need to give yourself some time to come to a complete stop. Has any one added a hand brake to a cruiser for mor stopping power and where would one mount it? Just whanna make this hog a little safer. can post pics if they are needed. Any Ideas appreciated thanks for readin

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    I'd suggest you look into a front hub brake. They aren't cheap but having only a coaster brake on your bike just isn't safe. Get your bike up to your cruising speed and look at a driveway that a car might suddenly come out of and see if you could stop in time. You can cut your stopping distance in less than half with a good front brake.
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    could you post photos,mine has the dual pull single brake lever,but stopping power is somewhat lacking
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    You neglected to mention the brand of bike or what kind of mounting provisions you have...but no matter... old Buz heres got ya covered.
    If you have the standard single hole mount holes on the front forks and the rear frame bridge (these days its usualy were they mount the rear reflector)
    a set of "BULLDOG SIDE PULL" hand brakes could be an option for you, there fairly inexpencive and will do an admireable job of haulling it down to a stop quickly.
    Another "rim brake" option would be "V" brakes but you need the mounting posts on the fork and rear frame.
    Then there is the drum/hub brake option, a bit more expencive and you will need to either get an entire new front wheel or have the new hub laced on to your existing rim.
    *NOTE- strong front only brakes can be dangerous! I like to applie my rear brakes first, then augment them with my front brakes.
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    My beach cruiser was just a coaster, are you sure there are no holes? Mine mounted on the fender mount, these are cheap 20" BMX brakes with a dual pull lever.

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    Cheapest solution is to add a BMX caliper brake. The Older BMX brakes will mount thru a single hole in your fork and a BMX brake will normally fit over a fender. You can drill the fork if one doesn't exist. It's not a very powerfull brake, but its far safer than nothing on the front. They are pretty cheap on EBay.

    A disk brake caliper will normally fit if you drill the fork leg to match the post mount holes. You will need a new (or used) front wheel with a disk hub.

    A drum brake will fit anything if you are willing to spend the money. Some drum brakes are no more powerful than a caliper brake (in dry weather). Shimano roller brakes are very powerful, from my experience.
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    Whoa To Match The Go!

    One of the main tenants of physics is that " A body in motion tends to stay in motion"
    Now, while I'm sure good old Sir Isac Newton never tried to bolt about 25 pounds of vibrating, reciprocating, chain slinging two stroke into a modern bike frame, We can all thank him for him for the heads up.
    I ran rim brakes for years...they are susceptible to water, dependant on the true,cleanliness and surface of the rim tracks them selves, wear and tear of the brake shoes, condition of the cables and levers and good old human error in the installation.
    V brakes offer better leverage on the rim surface but still are susceptible to all the above mentioned flaws.
    Drum brakes are heavy, expensive, and no better in stopping power than side pull calipers.... hmmmm...what to do?
    Either mechanically actuated or hydraulically,,, for the weight and simplicity and stopping power they are the ultimate bicycle brake.
    I'm a big heavy guy, i like to go fast... believe me, this body wants to stay in as much motion as possible....make mine discs please... 280 mm Avid bb7 mechanical caliper brakes. give these puppies a try and you ll never go back to rims or drums.
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    Some people complain about no backup with the dual pull levers if it fails, but I do still have the coaster, and I find I use all 3 routinely :)
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    cool.... and by the way, in 35 years on the road, ive had 2, count em 2, cable failures.

    my wife hates my bike