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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by hheltzer, May 17, 2010.

  1. hheltzer

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    hey i was just wondering what the best head light i could buy? i want it very bright and effiect and just great overall? which one should i get?

  2. chefdouglas

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    I have two halogen 55 watt lights meant to be fog lights. I have them wired so one or both can be on. They where cheap and are very bright but not efficient. But I charge them at night so it's not a problem. LED's are far more efficient and can be very bright but require more complicated set up.
  3. MotoMagz

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    Hi, yes Led are the way to go .You could build a very bright light for under $30 with a battery and charger.Or Just buy a 900 lumen Flashlight with a charger and 2 batteries for $50.Then get a bike mount(maybe included) and light up a football joke

  4. arkives1

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    My headlight uses a 4 watt LED, and uses very little of the batteries power. It's plenty bright enough if you mainly want to be seen. I used a Harley fog/passing light and adapted the LED to fit. The lens and reflectors of these lamps do not focus the beam so it isn't great for night riding if you need it to light the way. I did consider the 900lumen idea and it definitely puts out a tremendous amount of light but I worried about blinding oncoming traffic at night.....including the cop who happens to be going in the opposite direction I am. I ride mainly in the city so street lighting is adequate to see where I'm going and this light is certainly visible.
    I'd need a much more focused beam if I rode in a more rural area for sure.
  5. AussieSteve

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    I bought this on eBay. Dual 12V 18/18W bulbs. I'm setting it up to use one 18W filament for low beam, 2 for high beam or all 4 for a 72W driving light. A 12V 5Ah battery provides the power, with a 12V 100W generator charging the battery when the bike is moving. (I live in a poorly-lit semi-rural area with some pretty rough roads and need to see where I'm going.)

    As a bonus, it throws a lot of light to the sides so that I can be seen easily.


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  6. will_start

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    how does the charging work ?

    that would be a bonus, charge whilst riding.
  7. AussieSteve

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    The generator is driven by a timing belt from my shift-kit jackshaft.
  8. HseLoMein

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    Aussie: Do you have a pic of your setup?
  9. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    Not yet. I'm just putting it all together.
    I've got the headlight, battery, regulator and generator, (a 100W 24V scooter motor). I'm still waiting on the pulley and timing belt.

    Meantime, as we speak, I'm making the headlight mounting bracket, generator mounting bracket and battery/regulator box. The box goes at the junction of the top tube/downtube/headstem, shaped to suit and made of 1.2mm aluminium.

    It's (very) slowly coming together, but when it's done I'll definitely post some pics.
  10. Scootrax

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    i replaced a 20w halogen with a woolworths brand mr16 3w led, $6.95 which i cut the reflector of the original light to fit base and glued it, but then i still had a reflector doing nothing and 12v used, 24 system. so i got 7 yellow 4000 mcd leds in series and drilled and glued them into reflector now it has long range beam and yellow fog led surround, and alot more efficient, looks ok like the new car lights. also ran a wire and put in led tail lights to the rear