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    Curious? -----If rear spocket mounted on spokes on HT has never been retightened after first installed. It's always stayed true, and snug for 500 miles +.

    I checked pre-ride other day, and pulled out three broken spocks?!~ So, question being , if I had even tightened the rear sprocket with rubber pads more (after say 250 miles) would it had helped prevented the three spokes from breaking in the first place?????


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    I'm using the rag joint on both of my bikes and i've never had a broken spoke.
    both of my bikes have been put together and ridden for around 3 years now.
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    Well, uno considering I weight 260lbs just might have something to do with it, huh?!!~

    No, I only ride on very smooth pavement...........So, on that note, I just wonder if the rag joint looked and felt tight , but still could move just enough to stress and break a spoke? Bottom line, do you think it would help once I replace the broken spokes, to tighten sprocket even more? lol........I've not had a problem with any of the hardware on any of these kits, because I've really never gone past the good snug point. See, remember, China HT don't like that stuff.

    lol, No, I'll snug it even more next time. (If I got a shift kit, I wouldn't have to worry about this stuff huh)
  4. The size and material your spokes are made of will make a huge difference. Stainless steel spokes are stronger than steel, 14mm spokes are weaker than 12mm, or 10.5mm, etc. If you are using the usual cheap Wally World bike, buying quality wheels for it will make a great difference. Alternatively you could re-lace your wheels with high quality SS spokes. I feel 12mm stainless spokes are near the minimum strength spokes for a high performance motored bike.
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    Appreciate Mike,

    Wish I had talked to you a few days ago. I've got coming some Weinmann 519 700x35mm. It's a 50/50 chance that they'll live a few hundred miles? They were a fair price, but they do have a pretty good rim, but china 14g spokes...........

    I can't go back now do to shipping cost. I have to use the same rag-joint to mount. So, is there anything you would do before I install, to maybe get them to last longer?? It's a 28" Schwinn Gateway.............and I did travel about 500 miles on the original china rear wheel before a few spokes broke. (Maybe zip-tie spokes together????????????)
  6. There is a good alternative to a rag joint, I can't remember who, but there is someone on here who makes a machined billet hub for a rear wheel that will mount a sprocket. Also, I believe there are companies that advertise on here who make sprockets that will specifically mount to a disc brake rear hub with the 6 threaded holes for mounting a brake disc. The disc hub wheel and sprocket would likely be much cheaper than a specially machined billet hub. I used to buy the heavy duty rear wheels offered by the kit makers Golden Eagle and Staton-Inc when I bought their kits. The front wheel can remain the stock wheel as it carries less weight and doesn't have to transmit the torque of the engine and pedals. I have never broken a spoke on a front wheel. I did break spokes on my first MB,s cheap stock rear wheel(friction drive) before I replaced it with a heavier duty, better quality wheel. I wish I could be more specific as to who the suppliers are, but as I'm only building e-bikes now, I really didn't pay much attention.
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    No, No, I'll look around and find. Mike, I've seen it before as well somewhere. Uno, I keep on telling myself that I need to look in the e-bike stuff. I've got a friend that's got the XC-1 bike. I'm very impressed.............

    Well, I've got bike all back together..............Going to try it soon.

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