bucking bar issue

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by conor mitnick, Jul 17, 2016.

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    So I was riding my bike a while ago and I noticed the motor was shaking a little, and it I think the chain was bucking a little bit. Now my bucking bar goes in all the way. It just slides in its suppose to stick out some . I'm not sure why how can I fix it and I believe its the ball bearing in their. I'm not sure what happened it locked up one day the chain and ever since then motor turns over fine. That's not a problem. Just the pin or bucking bar is. Let me know how to fix this and what exactly happened also what do I do if im ever pulled over By a cop on my bike. What should I say. I usually blend in and always fake pedal and goes a normal speed not too fast depending where I am riding. Thanks guys let me know. And one more issue is my darn exhaust also comes off how can I prevent this too. The baffle has fallen out too very annoying when I'm riding for this to occur. Also how can I make a banana exhaust quieter it sounds loud. Thanks sorry for all the questions