Build cost for my project (to date)

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    I first found out about the MB's, after scanning Craigslist for some bike parts. Not at all looking for an MB, but a seller popped up under the bike parts section. I'm an avid MTB'er, and am always looking for mountain bike parts. I came across someone selling new Grubee Gen II's. I was interested, so I did a little researching, and came across this website. So I became hooked after reading up on MB's.... As they say, the rest is history...

    Well a month later, I bought my first China Girl kit. (A Grubee Gen II, from who is now my buddy, via Cragslist). Here's a breakdown of my purchase list to build my first bike. (note, I say first, cause I want to build another!! :D ).

    Bill of Materials:

    - Grubee Gen II Motor Kit - $150.00 (cash money, via Craigslist).

    - Schwinn Sierra MOS MTB (via Craigslist) - $25.00

    - Head & rear engine studs (via - $13.50

    - Front engine mount (via Sick Bike Parts) - $14.95 - (Note, I couldn't use this mount kit on the Grubee Gen II front mount. It does not work with the Grubee Gen II. The Grubee is a bit wider than the standard 1.6" width between between the China Girl front mounts. So I ate this cost. (no blame on Sick Bike, they've been cool).

    - 7 Speed rear wheel (freehub), 36 spoke - $30.00. (the rag clamp bolts up just fine now with the 36h rear wheel).

    - 2x M6 - 1.0 all thread via Ace Hardware. (replaced the front engine mount studs). - $3.50

    - dual pull brake lever - $11.00 (via Ebay). Pulls both the front & rear brakes.

    - 5x super slime inner tube (for the rear tire) - Walmart - $10.00

    - Slime tire liners (front & back tires) - Walmart - $10.00

    - 7 speed, Shimano under the bar MC-40 shifters. (the set on the Schwinn were junk). eBay for a new set - $25.00

    - fuel filter (via Sick Bike) - $4.95

    total cost for project number one:


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    Yeah, that sounds about right. A person might think, "with the bike I already have, I could be up and running for about $150". But there are a few miscellaneous costs, of course.
    For a newbie, that's likely to be about $100. But after learning a thing or two, that total could be shaved a bit, I'm sure.

    So, are you running yet?
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    are you running yet = "I'm rock'n dude!!!!" you betcha!!!

    I can't wait until after I break this motor in. dang, wish I would've found out about MB's sooner. :D
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    Wow! Now there's some enthusiasm!

    Everyone who reads this will be glad it's going well for you. And we'll all crack a smile, remembering how we felt on some of the earliest rides.
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    thanks buddy!

    I've been tweaking the HT for the last week now. Per all of the info gained from here. I've been running dino 2 stroke oil in the 1st tank, and still have a bit to go with the first gallon jug. So tomorrow, I'm going to take a 10 mile ride and see how things go.

    Lot's of blue loctite, etc, now.

    What I'd like to get is a good springer saddle, (nice and wide). Plus, I'll be adding the #41 chain this weekend too. I've also purchased a Honda oil/foam air filter, which I'll cut a diameter to fit my air cleaner.

    So I'll be adding another $35 - $50.... (d*mn this hobby!!!!) :whistling:
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    I actually hit almost 30 miles today. (over 3 different rides). Love this motor/bike setup. Now on my second 16:1 dino oil mix. After which I'll go to the 80/20 synthetic/castor mix. This bike is a hoot!!!!!

    What I've since ordered (to update my cost list):

    - NGK B5HS plug
    - Engine bolt/screw hardware (to replace the Chinese non grade stuff)
    - Carb O-ring

    : $22 (via SBP)

    Plan to buy from Lowe's a #41 chain
    Plan to buy from Performance Bike the Forte VersaTrak Rear Tire
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    I know you are in AZ. Did I run into you in Ace Hardware about a week ago?