Can I DYE My Oil?

Hal the Elder

Local time
10:43 AM
Oct 20, 2008
That SAE40 Castrol that I recently poured in Oscar's crankcase is as transparent as water!

I can't even SEE it on the dipstick! I have to check my oil level by FEELING the dipstick!

Next time I'll choose a darker oil!

Oil Dye Job?

Hi Hal, don't worry, unlike people, who's hair gets lighter colored with age, your buddy Oscar will blacken that oil right up as a natural thing!

answer to hal I work at bakery

There are dye's that can be used, the mixers are jacketed and freon use, to run threw the jacket to cool the dough to a constant temperature. Now glychol is used and is dyed to alert to an imediate leak which I have never seen by the way or we would have blue dough. So if you want blue oil email me Have you ever baked bread at 2000 lbs. ever 15 minutes. I have.
Rather than Dye my oil...

...what other brands of good 40 weight oil are darker in color?

Pennz? Mobil?

I have some Slick too...

I have some Slick's Outer's "GunSlick", which I use to keep the actions in my rifles well lubed.

It's way too heavy for engine use.

I'm really getting some chuckles from this thread...

Hal, I use Valvoline SAE 40 wt, and although it's pretty light in colour, I can still make it out against the dipstick.