Can i re use a rear sprocket?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by James L, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. James L

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    Can i re use a rear sprocket? I have a rear tire with a sprocket that the guy machined on a lathe.
    Can i reuse it? Just curious as i'm very limited on tools.

    The guy who made it said i wouldn't be able to reuse it because it might be bent?
    To me it seems straight, i looked at it. It would save me the trouble of grinding the dust cap.
    Oh i posted this question because i bought a new motorized bike kit from

    I will hopefully get it by Friday as i texted them and they said they would be shipping it tomorrow which would be Monday.

  2. bakaneko

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    i dont see why not. i reused my old 44T sprocket on my 2-stroke for my 4-stroke because i didnt want to go through the entire wear down the teeth phase on a new sprocket. also, you really cannot eyeball the sprocket to check if it is bent or not. you need to be able to spin it on a true axle to really see if there is an imperfect if so dont use it.
  3. James L

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    Thanks for the reply. I thought i could re use the old sprocket if it wasn't bent. I'll have to put it back on the bike and take a look to see if it's bent.
    I guess i could use the new sprocket in the kit and try and file down the dust cap. I'm not sure if the rim in question has a dust cap or not. It looks like one is there.

    I thought about swapping it if it was filed down but i'm not sure if that would work or not as the rim is from a Schwinn and the new bike is a Huffy cruiser.
    Oh well a project for the upcoming weekend i hope. Depending on how fast things get delivered.

    I bought the new kit because the old motor has a allen head grade 8 bolt broke off below the surface.... I don't know how to remove it and from what i have read a EZ out won't work for grade 8. I would probably mess it up even more.. I can sell the motor on craigslist i guess though to someone with more tools and knowledge lol.