can you get a dimension edge fd with out the shift on the fly ?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by adam61387, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. adam61387

    adam61387 New Member

    i was wondering if you can get a D E friction drive with the mitsu tle 43 with out the "shift on the fly" option. A standard pullstart with centrifugal clutch is fine by me .

    and if so how much im contemplating selling or swaping my kit

  2. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    They have an auto clutch system, go to their website and check it out. That shift on the fly system sucks as far as in town driving every time you stop you have to disengage the system or the motor dies. I just sold my DE setup while back, quality kit and you can't beat a honda motor.
  3. Happy Valley

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    Hi Adam, just to clarify, the main set-up DE uses and calls 'on the fly' refers to the mount that raises and lowers the rack on the tire from the cockpit and those come with the option of either direct drive or with an automatic centrifugal clutch. Both options use pull start engines but, as Darwin mentioned, the direct drive needs to be raised off the tire when starting or stopping. Some do like that because you can also bump start the engine. Hope that helps.
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  4. adam61387

    adam61387 New Member

    it does indeed help... so to clarify they have a base line set up that in a sense functions just like a staton or dax .. no pop start and the extrusion channel does not raise or lower itself ,with the mitsubishi TLE 43cc motor ??

    checked the site the product is there but site is is difficult to navigate and couldnt locatea price on the kit i have in mind ??

    price anyone ??
  5. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Mitsubishi ENCORE:

    The Mitsubishi Encore system has the perfect balance of power, fuel efficiency, reliability, and quiet operations. It has been the premier engine for Dimension Edge Monster Bicycles for the past 10 years.

    Our latest 2002 Mitsubishi ENCORE system offers unmatched noise cancellation.

    68 dB @ 15 MPH
    84 dB @ 25 MPH, that is full throttle with std gearing.
    Order the system in either direct drive or automatic (Add $70). Our patented engagement system along with our Viton Bushing controlled PTO (power take-off) system assure the smoothest operation of any system ever made.

    Lifetime warrantee on the ignition system and a full year on parts.

    $619.00 System includes these options:
  6. seacatman

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    I started out with the DE setup and had some problems. Replaced the cluthch twice and rear tire blew out alot. I had the automatic with the TLE 43. I changed over to the GEBE step and now have the reliability I wanted. The GEBE is the way to go.!
  7. adam61387

    adam61387 New Member

    you might have the answers i need

    just the man i wanted to talk to .... do you by chance have your tle43cc
    on your GEBE set up ????

    if so hows belt life and max speed??

    do you pull a 13t or a 14t highway gear ??

    is 43ccs adequate to beat the headwind???

    would up grading to larger diameter spokes be a must ??

    AND if you don't have that engine on your GEBE disregard all previous questions and thank you for your time
  8. seacatman

    seacatman New Member

    Yes I do have that engine on my GEBE. It works great, top speed is around 30, I had a few belt problems at first. The belt would start fraying but it was an alignment problem. Once I got that straight I haven't had any belt problems. I am not sure what gear I have, I just went with what Julia at GEBE recomended. She is very familiar with that engine. It works great in a headwind but I only weigh 120 pounds. It is a great setup and now feel alot more comfortable riding longer distances without fear of breaking down.