Chains cannot get cover off put chain on!

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by daveet6666, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. daveet6666

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    Trying to get chain on and having problems! For one the screws on the cover of the plate your supposed to take off are now stripped that covers never coming off! For two I tried holding clutch lever in feeding chain through over 10 times today! Gets all the way with one link through quits turning! Need advice and thanks

  2. Frankfort MB's

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    Are you pulling the clutch while your doing this?
    I think it's easier to come through the top an push it in
  3. FurryOnTheInside

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    That's what she said! :p

    I'm not clear on what you mean by "Gets all the way with one link through quits turning!" Is the sprocket not properly fixed to the shaft, that you are spinning by turning the clutch plate by hand? You are turning the clutch plate, right? Not just trying to push the chain in.. o_O
  4. crassius

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    You need that cover off, as later you'll need to grease that area - many ways to try, but you should really get a cheap impact driver since it always works and you'll need it for other things from time to time - should be less than $10.
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  5. daveet6666

    daveet6666 New Member

    I got it off but continue to have problems!
  6. crassius

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    shouldn't have problems there - just take out spark plug, put a rag over head so nothing falls inside, put spark plug tool on sprocket nut, put end of chain on bottom of sprocket and turn nut clockwise to wind chain around
  7. Crassius is right about pulling the spark plug it takes away the compression however I had the same problem but never could get the plate off the front so I used a big giant screwdriver is a fulcrum and pride the sprocket one tooth at a time around eventually getting enough change to grab onto.
    I then put a very small screwdriver through the chain and pull it to loosen up the engine I'm guessing it's never been started before correct?
    Once you get that gear moving in a couple revolutions it'll start to loosen up But I think he is way better with since you got the cover off
  8. And not to be disrespectful or anything but when I tried to get mine off I tried my small impact gun and it made things worse
    Eventually I had to use my speed out set and I had to use my impact gun because they were so strict I was forced to use my SPEEDOUT jhbit set to get him out because there was nothing to grab onto anymore so I had to get the speed out bit to get the screws out
  9. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    HAND impact driver is often needed - motored ones will tear up anything that doesn't have hex heads
  10. gary55

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    When the head is striped I use a 1/4 drill bit to drill the head off. Go slow and when the heads gone you can remove the cover and grab the screw that is sticking out with vice grips. Then replace them with allens. On some of the new engines the gears are not cut to well. you can see and feel the burr at the end of the teeth. Slightly tapering the ends of the teeth removing the burr with a sanding wheel on a dremel makes the gear accept the chain much more smoothly. Just enough to remove the burr.
  11. Ahmad Darwish

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    The chain gets stuck when your pushing it through because the chain get jammed on an angle inside, it would be easiest just to take the cover off, but what i do is grab some pliers, and grab the chain from inside the clutch cover and yank it out, while of course holding down the clutch lever
  12. I use a similar method
  13. Holly

    Holly Member

    How did you get it off?
  14. Holly

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    I'll be trying this today, thanks. The seller of the motor offered to cover the cost to take it to a shop but that's not possible. I suggested they cover the cost of a cheap impact driver since I don't own one. If I can get the chain in and get it running then I can ride to a shop and get the screws swapped out. Why they use these screws after so many have issues with them is beyond me.
  15. i had the SAME PROBLEM! I simply used a BIG-ASS flat-head screwdriver and slowly & gentley moved the 10 tooth sprocket (with clutch pulled in) it gradually loosened up and i was able to get it through far enough to put a (small) phillips through the chain link and gently pull it through. it really wasnt that bad. until uim ready to us my "SPEED-OUT' set im just gonns be chanfing my chain like that, cuz now it just glides through like BUTTUH!
    Be safe and have fun
  16. I TRIED AN IMPACT DRIVER? IT TRASHED THE BOLT/SCREW HEADS INSTANTLY!!!!!! REMEMBER WHAT YOUR DEALIMG WITH? "CHINESE BUTTER BOLTS" That popping on that impcat doesnt aleays work , im finding they ar one of the worse things to use on these engines , UNLESS? You have changed to all AMERICAN MADE IN THE U.S.A.

    ASory guys but thats how i feel and it has been my experiance, and i have "ALL KINDS OF IMPACT / AIR TOOLS AND 4 COMPRESSORS. EVEN ELECTRIC AND BATTERY POWERED .

    P.S,. sorry about all the (CAPS) not "ALL" of them are nesseccary ,neccessary nsecary?????? oh you get the point . later ladies and gents.
  17. you can get that screw out with a tool called "spped-out" they drill out then flip around and remove the screw. no toolbox is complete without one !along with tap and die. i can go on amd on but i wont.
    google it

  18. Holly

    Holly Member

    I tried this today and it would get caught just far enough in I couldn't reach it with any tool enough to pull it through. I ordered an impact driver. And now I'll check out this Speedout you spoke of. I don't like to quit anything but this is getting super frustrating. I'm walking 8 miles to the store tomorrow to get a couple other parts I need. I thought I had done my research but apparently some things you won't learn until you are in too deep.