Can't find replacement hub for Micargi bike (specific)- please help!!

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Fletch, Jun 28, 2011.

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    I'm really frustrated because my rear axle bent on my Micargi Cheetah 7 speed with shift kit, and I can't find a replacement rear hub anywhere online that fits the requirements:

    The hub was an old style 35mm thread-on freewheel with loose bearings,180 mm axle, and bolt-on. It has a Shimano Tourney 7 spd freewheel and rear derailleur.

    I'd like to replace it with a sealed bearing hub, but not only are they hard to find... most axles are not 180mm. I can't even find a loose bearing type like the one that it came with- although I'd hate to put another cheap hub on and have it fall apart again.

    If anyone can help me find a solution I would really appreciate it! My bike is my only transportation right now.


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    I figure as last resort I can always contact Micargi, but I'd like to put a better hub/axle on there if possible first, so I can avoid this happening again. I suppose I can always buy the cheap replacement hub and replace the axle with a good chromoly one. I'd prefer a sealed bearing hub though.
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    Pacific Coast Cycles up in Oceanside. ( 760-967-4900 ) Chuck is a very Retro kind of guy when it comes to bike parts, and he is probably one of the best wheel builders around. He may even have a complete wheel ready to go that might work for you. If you want sealed bearings you need to ask for a hub from either Suntour, Specialized, or Sanshin. With a nutted Axle. though a QR axle will probably be easier to find and would probably work just fine if you know how to adjust a OR properly.

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    Awesome, thanks! I actually just ordered a cheap replacement hub ($9) and a 175mm chromoly axle. If...or when(?).. this hub falls apart I will definitely call Chuck. I didn't know you could use a QR in a slanted cruiser dropout? I don't know anything about QR actually because I've never owned a bike with one. One thing's for sure though.... If I ever build another one of these bikes I'm NOT going to use a beach cruiser! (unless maybe a Felt) They look good but they just fall apart after a while, and the braking options are too limited.