Carby Carby spitting, Purging, Oozing, Leaking, Spilling, Flooding alll of the above

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  1. I mean once that bowl fills its spewing out of the over flow hole on the NT carby and from everywere on the Performance carb..give mine some things to check please,I have swapped carbs cleaned them really good,Its always good and level..blew everything ut with air chuck Iv been messing with it all day stuck home & at the end of the day,once I turn the gas on its flooding over and all over my garage floor..First time I ever "Topped off" the tank and it just wants to over flow..Could it be not enough oil in the gas?I know its right im just wondering..My new engine will be in 2marrow and this would pop up this morning I ran out of gas peddled to the gas station mixxed up a gallon leaked it all the way home..

    My first thought was the bowl..Sanded it sum got a real good seal and realized its oozing out like a purge,It holds then somthing gives and its over flowing.I put a harder spring in it dropped the slide..Cant figure it out guys..3 Different carbs later!!!???and the same thing with all 3..

    Whats going on here?:shout::confused: IMAG0108.jpg IMAG0096.jpg IMAG0067.jpg

  2. Anton

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    Could it be that the carby is bouncing around with that modified hose intake? Could be a problem if it isn't fixed solid.
  3. Fabian

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    now that technique is guaranteed to send little parts flying all over the place.
  4. No Fab,I carefully took everything and set it to the side..Received my new needle today and that did the trick!
    Its just falling off and top rpm,Im pretty sure maybe its too rich Iv had some flames action going on so Iv got her parked going to throw my offset intake back on,Just got this new engine so iv got oil gas in it so Im hoping after I run out this tank im going to switch back to 50:1...I should be safe after 1 tank break in?You guys know I'm newbie:cool:

    Can one of you tell me which way (up & down) the c clip goes to lean it up or down?Up I suppose..

    Expansion chamber coming in the mail im so stoked on that..Yzf80 expansion chamber should work really well
  5. No sir,Iv got a offset intake now but that set up always worked pretty good alot better airflow..
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    Get a professionally made carb and jet it right and you will be amazed at how much better in every way it runs.
    You can never get those cheap carbs jetted right.
  7. Fabian

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    I disagree, considering i have tried the NT Carburettor as well as a genuine Dellorto SHA, and a clone Dellorto SHA.
    In the end i went back to the NT carburettor and it worked quite well (once jetted optimally) - had it on the bike for a very long time, until i went to the Rock Solid Engines (reed valve compatible) Walbro style diaphragm carburettor.

    After installing that delightful item, ive never looked back - the ease of tuning is simply child's play.
  8. I have plenty of power out of the NT carby,In high rpm it falls off and if I let all the way off in high rpm I get fire action out of the pipe..Expansion chamber might help everything out,Should have it today or 2marrow