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    Gt lts SBP shifter kit
    Threw chain. Got back together and looked for problem. Found jackshaft had walked a bit .Repaired. Took off pedaling, got about 30 feet and stopped pedaling, and it instantly threw chains. Upon further checking I noticed that rear Wheel cassett wasnt freewhelling making chain bunch up and toss. My Question is how hard and what is needed to be replaced in there to make it freewheel again. I'v never had to remove one yet so dont know how it works. Ramping Ball berings is my guess. Thanks in advance
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    What needs to be replaced is the freehub body. How to do it depends upon what make of hub it is. If it is a Shimano hub?, you should be able to find a new part. If it is an off brand hub you probably will not be able to find replacement parts and will need to get a new Hub. is a good source for older replacement parts if you cant find what you need at your local bike shop.

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    The Bike Tutor site is awsome. Thanks Looks Like Ill be buying some spectialy tools
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    Glad you found it useful and yeah, hehe, a great excuse to buy bike tools.

    BTW, anything not found there can usually be found here, SB was the maestro.
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