Chainsaw powered bike.

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    Hey guys what's up. Been working on this for a lil while. 64cc makita chainsaw on a 20 inch mongoose bike. Geared for top end. Does about 40 mph. Love riding it. Turns heads where ever I go. If you want specs and have questions on how I built it message me. I also have a facebook page dedicated for all my projects. It's called Single Cylinder Customs. Find it on there. There's more pics and vids of the bike and my other projects on that page.

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  2. keatonx

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    Nice bike! Looks a lot like my bikes- lots of "mechanical beauty"

    Have you had problems with the gas eating through/softening the water bottle? I once used a vitamin water bottle to hold gas for a long trip on my 16" weed eater bike. At the end of the day the bottle hadn't softened, but the gas had turned dark green and opaque (from clear blue 2 stroke mix).
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    40mph on a bmx, that is brave. Dig the raw Mad Max look of it.
  4. Gearhead1993

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    It's quite the ride man. Love it. Thanks for the view. Check out the facebook page I have. Single Cylinder Customs.
  5. Gearhead1993

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    I haven't had any issues yet but I will be fitting a permanent tank soon. I'll probably just put a lawn mower tank on it when I get the chance. Thanks for checking it out!