Chain Tensioner check out this auto chain tensioner

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  1. masterx1234

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    i just bought an auto-chain tensioner from ebay, this thing is well made!, you can get one here:

    also heres pics of mine"



  2. RedBaronX

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    looks easy enough to duplicate
  3. tone2crazy

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    definately. now i've got a project for the weekend. :whistling:
  4. BoltsMissing

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    Let us know if you have trouble with the swivel after a few rides, there is a suggested tip to render it.
    had to modify mine and worked a charm afterwards.
  5. BoltsMissing

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  6. RedBaronX

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    it looks though that if the swiveling arms loosens up, it would just drop down that big long slot. THAT would be catastrophic...
  7. masterx1234

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    the swivel arm has a locking washer sandwitched between two locking bolts, and the its free swiveling, means its not turning or affecting the bolt holding it together
  8. BoltsMissing

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    It's not about the bolt to be precise. It's about the arm's side clearance. It gets side slack. With a needle roller thrust bearing, it can be tightened up to zero tolerance, locked in place and get a smoother action.
  9. motorpsycho

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    that looks like the cheap stock chain tensioner, with a peice of flat steel, drilled and bolted to it with a spring and a cable clamp added.

    I made one out of a tensioner to convert a 10 speed to a single speed bike. the tensioner i used takes place of the derailer on a 10 speed. it has an aluminum arm, with a steel shaft, brass bushing, and a steel derailer type gear. it cost me $15.00, and about an hour to modify it to fit my bike. i would rather it have a bearing than the brass bushing, but i keep it greased and it shows no signs of wearing out. it's been on my bike for 2 years now.
    here's what i bought :

    here's what i made it into:
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  10. RedBaronX

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    doesn't mean that it won't loosen up
  11. masterx1234

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    a quick question, why is your chain tensioner on the top chain?
  12. TREEWK

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    Have Been Using "shoulder Bolts" In Mine With No Problems. You Can also Buy Bronze Bushing For Shoulder Bolts With Or Without A Collar.

    Star Washer/washer`s Can Be Added To One Or Both Side`s Of Threaded Part Of Shoulder Bolt for added locking in position. Shoulder bolts Cost A Couple Bucks. Many size`s and lengths available.

    Get mine from "Mc Master" . Shipping is less than $5. for most of my orders, often have order the next day UPS.

    As you can see in the pic, you can just buy the bushing to match the thickness of you tensioner metal and space it with washer`s for chain or belt alignment. Many hardware stores may stock them. If you don`t burn over a gallon of gas !! lol.


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  13. motorpsycho

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    because it does the same on the top as it does on the bottom.
    it really doesn't matter where the tensioner is located as long as it keeps tension on the chain.
    I have never had an isdsue with it, and i have never had a chain come off or loosen up on me.
    on my other bike the chain tensioner is another one that i made and it's actually a slider block. the chain slides across the block holding tension on the chain. i made it so that it's hidden and adjustable. it has been on my other bike for a year now and it works great. It's made out out heavy nylon / delrin plastic and i drilled a hole in it to hold grease. so as the block wears, grease will automatically get onto the chain. the top of the chain slides against the bottom of the block. the block is positioned so that it holds tension against the chain. sure, you can buy all kinds of chain tensioners, but i like to make my own parts.
  14. masterx1234

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    the swivel arm cannot move down because its in a drilled hole explained in this picture swivel arm.jpg