check your fender mounts!!



ok, today i was riding along crusing at 30 mph. when all of a sudden, i hear screeeeeeeeeeech! so loud, i have a headache and i was wearing a full face helmet. i thought it was the clutch acting up as i was slowing down, so i back off the throttle. BAD IDEA i back off the throttle the front wheel locks up and i do the most awesome stoppie/endo ever.

(pretend you put yr bike up on the front wheel, and are trying to keep the whole rest of the bike pointed towards the sky, thats my situation)

until the bike swings around, and i am thrown at the ground on my side with the bike on top of me. well, bumped and brusied on the 1 time i dont bring the tool bag i take off my fender wich now looks like an s by twisting it off the back mount that attaches to the axle. the tab that goes on the breakes is still on there. so i guess the vibes sheered it off. after zip tieing the tank back on i headed home with my scratched up bike.

lesson: check your fender mount, now!!


i made the bend on the left in the 1st pic, when i was ripping it off the mounting stud, last pics


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Glad you're OK Tater. I hope the new builders here read this and learn the lesson- if you want fenders, fine, but you cannot just use the standard sheetmetal braces- they will break....and the next person who has this happen may not be as lucky.
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My friends bike had the fender rods wind up and draw the fender into the rim and cause a 90 degree bend in the rim like a pizza with 1/4 of it missing. He did an endo and landed on the asphalt on his s**needless to say it was the end of his ride for that day. The rods were wound up like string on a yo yo I ain't lyin...... T in W.V.
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