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    Hi! My name's Simon and I'm from Montreal, Canada. I just got my engine today from Zoombicycles and I found out about this forum while looking for informations about whether it's possible or not to ride the thing in sub zero temperatures (right now its minus 30C or -20F here).

    I've found out about gas powered bicycles last week when I saw a guy riding one on my way back from work. The moment I saw that I knew my life just changed:grin5:

    Now I'm hoping to finish the bike by the end of the week and start riding it as soon as the temperature gets warmer. Every summer for the past two years I've been traveling across Canada and the US and I have visited 9 provinces and 43 states so what I would really like is to visit the remaining states on my MB. Dunno if it's really possible but I'm sure gonna try and the worst that can happen is that I end up taking the bus back home haha!

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    Hi Simon
    Can you update us?
    I just joined the website today and I'm looking for fellow Montrealers who have MBs because I want to start my own project soon.
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    Welcome to the forum. I can only ride a few miles in the cold weather before I head for home.