Clutch cable better mounting yeah!


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I would like a Coors Light cause it's Colorado grown and I have to watch my figure. :D

I found a better way to install that clutch cable so it's so free flowing I'm pretty sure that clutch will pull so much easier.

My enclosed patio has an electrical problem so my lights ain't working in there so I'm gonna have to wait till tomorrow to get it in there.

So just to whet your whistle,here's some peliminary pics.

Trust me,it's pretty tight!

Do you see it?


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How in the world am I supposed to wait till morning?
I went in my garage. There'a a nice light there.
Look at the pics.
See the fluid cable motion?
I shot a video but it was too dark.
I'll shoot a video in the morning,and I'll try to get a parts list here.
Serously,guys. This clutch is EFFORTLESS.
Okay let's talk benefits here.
Longer clutch cable life because:
No kinks
Easier pull
Clears the engine.

COORS LIGHT. :cool::D:cool:

HEY! My bike is dirty!

I kinda like it that way.



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Okay just a quick run down.
That angle iron I had laying around. It usually comes in like 2 foot lenghts. I lined up the holes and was amazed as to how well it lined up to the engine bolt holes. That adjusting screw I snagged from an old brake lever. Then with tin snips cut it,bend the end up,snip the extra metal off and I had to make the hole a bit bigger with a drill.
MOUNT the angle iron to something solid when you do this. I tried using just my hand and it cut me pretty good.
The bolts are size 6 metric,about 5 or 6 threads longer than the original bolt so bring the original bolt with you.
The roller has ball bearings. Check out the pic. I got all these parts from Lowes.
Then 1/4 sized washers and lock washers.
I had the angle iron laying around so it's not counted in the total tally,the rollers were almost 6 bucks.
Total bill was almost 8 bucks.
You can use any angle iron. Mine is about an inch wide on both ends.
If your angle iron don't have the holes,then drill them.
And it doesn't have to be really thick. This one's pretty strong.


Dude! That's great. I like that you are never quite satisfied, and always thinking about improvements.

Rock on!


Patio door rollers....Why didn't I think of that? I used an old Happy Time clutch lever to engage my snow thrower scrubber drive setup and couldn't think of a roller to use, so I ended up using an old tensioner roller. Worked, but not nearly as nice as your idea. Keep the ideas coming. :cool:


Nice segue to make Coors on topic. :D Wonder if it would work with Old Mil


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Nov 4, 2006
awesome....just awesome!!!
and your timing is fantastic, too!! the cable guide on one of mine popped out of the engine block a couple weeks back.....almost no threads left on it. I put it back together, but it's a matter of time before I have to fix it right & tight.

I think you found a winner!!

Thanks for sharing!!