Clutch pads


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Jun 25, 2008
Hi... I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate some help. This is for a Dax 50cc motor.

I just took off my clutch plate to look at the pads... They are all gray and somewhat greasy... Is that normal?

If I need to replace them, does anyone sell them?

Lastly, it was pretty hard removing the star nut. Does anyone know where I can purchase a tool that is designed for taking this nut off?
You can clean your clutch pads with brake clean. The star nut can be removed easier if you pull and lock your clutch handle in. Hope this helps
use the spark plug tool that should've came with your engine kit, I always used that to adjust my clutch. If you need pads i have used but like new pads for sale. PM me thanks
Hi... I'm interested in getting the pads ... I have been able to fix the others and my bike is now running great... However, I would really like some spares.

How can I get ahold of you? I don't know how to PM...