Clutch pads

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  1. Glenn M

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    Who sells square clutch pabs???

  2. mountain80

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  3. Glenn M

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    Not available at zoom
  4. linnix13

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    yeah im also going to need new clutch pads soon. mine are wearing down bad! um im probly going to try to make my own out of some kind of high density rubber, not sure but let me know if you find out where they can be bought from
  5. Pablo

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    I was thinking about the same thing....even....oh my gawd...even thinking commercially....indeed it will take some time and hassle to get a good material.

    My stock pads are made from old recycled tires. I love the "green" aspect, but they just don't hold up that great, the get brittle and crispy.....and certainly you can't hit them with brake clean for a quick degrease.
  6. Glenn M

    Glenn M New Member

    The round ones will fit the square holed flywheel with a little work with a file.
    Thats what I did after I couldn't find any square pads and the clutch works great.
  7. linnix13

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    hey if you sold them i think you would get some great business from the people here, if you can mix something thats a soft when really hot and mold it to the right size and let it cool down, or if you could find a solid material and sell it as is people could just file it to there own size, i like UHMW for its ability to last forever but it has no friction whatso ever, if you could find a way to make a hybrid(sticky) UHMW than you would be in business!
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  9. wanderer33

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    Glenn M
    I have a 80cc motor with round clutch and I need it in a hurry,
    where did you buy yours ? ? ? Please let me know.

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  10. Glenn M

    Glenn M New Member

    Give Pipelyne a call.
    (408) 279 2307