Colorado 47 Model H

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Dirt Nerd, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Dirt Nerd

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    Hey folks - climbing out of a pile of day job and life, I'm back to finish my whizzer resto project.

    Some of you know me from the other board (i'm a little late to the party moving over here). I'm working on my Dad's 47 whizzer. He bought the kit in February of 47, mounting it on a Gambles bike. Had an accident putting a foot thru the front spokes. Moved the power plant over to a Liberty badges Schwinn.

    I have the original installation manual, Kansas title, Registration ($5) (he registered it in 48 and penalized $8), and the 1948 metal tag.

    I've been scolded for doing a major restore by some - but the amount of damage to the paint from re-braising the frame in a few spots led me down this path. The bike as a whole is going to be friggen sweet, not to mention mostly complete.

    Just added a video of Dad hearing it run ~65 years later for the first time. Look at his grin!

    The basecoat paint should be going on today or tomorrow, hand stripes then decal and clear coat to make it bullet proof.

    The motor was rebuilt by a buddy of mine who specializes in hit and miss Maytags. after a few weeks soaking, he was able to free the piston and go to town. Thanks to Quenton for his input along the way.

    Seems like my stars are aligned and will be able to start assembly by Xmas. I cannot tell you how stoked i am! I'll keep you posted as it progresses.

  2. Dirt Nerd

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    sorry for the two posts - thought i had not submitted the first one and lost it. didn't realize posts needed to be cleared. would like to delete one of them if a moderator is listening.
  3. chainmaker

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    Hey Dirt, nice looking bike!!!
  4. Dirt Nerd

    Dirt Nerd Member

    Thanks chainmaker! It's only going to get better!
  5. Dirt Nerd

    Dirt Nerd Member

    today - i am glad to say, i have the frame in my garage ready for re-assembly. Waiting for some parts to return from plating, I should be riding in a month or so!
  6. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Let us know if you need any help.

    Have fun,
  7. Dirt Nerd

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    Thanks Quenton. I will definitely take advantage of that when the time comes. Still need to reface the painted parts that shouldn't have got paint. tap out the threads that got painted in. etc etc. heck, it's just fun standing in the garage staring at the thing daydreaming.

    I added some pics to my flickr account. of the tank and frame paint. That grey you suggested turned out so good. I was bummed that i wasn't able to keep the press marks on the side of the tank, but the good thing is, everything is under a good coat of poly. bullet proof.
  8. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    You can order the tank decals used on the early "H" motors, as the embossed tank didn't arrive until the "J" motor in 1948.

    Memory Lane Classics has the vintage tank decals.

    Have fun,
  9. Dirt Nerd

    Dirt Nerd Member

    I have to say, the tank turned out great. I found the decals, although one split when it dropped in the water. Colorado is a dry place, i guess. The paint on the tank was real thin. came off w/ almost no effort.

    Picture of the tank is here, if you want to see. I am having trouble uploading pics directly into this forum.
  10. Dirt Nerd

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    Hey folks - time for an update. sorry, it's July already - WOW.

    the big challenge that is reassembly has begun. on my flickr site, you'll see the Schwinn taking shape. So much time has passed, and I definitely didn't document the tear down nearly as well as i thought i had, this has turned into the great puzzle of 2013. I'm 93% pleased with the project, which says a lot. I'm a patient man, and use my garage time as a release. Even turn on the AM oldies station to set the tone. My chrome came back hit and miss. The paint is tremendous. Except where i nicked it. I KNOW I KNOW - the small blemish will buff some, then be covered by the lower motor mount. taught me to take my time. yadda yadda.

    Need to drill the rear fender to mount the drop stand clip. if anyone has any tips or advice on this i'm open. (measure 1000x, drill once).

    My wheels are being trued up by my local bike shop as i type (they better be - at least) i had purchased heavy spokes from an eBayer - but realized that they were too short for the rear wheel, and had to reorder. Soooooo, i have a wheel's worth of extra spokes. I love my bike shop, and they totally love helping on this project where they can.

    I had purchased a crank that had been bent for a whizzer, then rechromed. turns out, the other side was also bent in about 1/4" and wouldn't clear the frame. I managed to cold bend slowly w/ a breakover bar and pipe.

    I was most pleased when i fit the springer fork back on. Holy crap that was a cool day. I go out to the garage and stare, just stare. So close, and a million things to do. Summer is half over.

    Deep breaths. Check out the pics on Flickr


    EDIT: Almost forgot - i got to talking to Ron Houk on the phone, and found out he lives super close to my client in Orange County - stopped in to see his collection and pick up a few parts. That guy is living the dream if you ask me. Good dude. I snapped a few pics as well.
  11. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    Saw the pics, bike looks good. It's always a treat seeing Ron and his Whizzers, there's no shortage there.

  12. chainmaker

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    Paint looks stellar! I hope you get all together and get some riding in befor summers end.
  13. Dirt Nerd

    Dirt Nerd Member

    Yeah, i'm so happy with how it came out. I just got my rims back from the bike shop, laced up and ready to go. I'll probably mount the tires after i put the kids to bed tonight, then probably put them on the bike. then go for a night ride in the neighborhood w/o the motor...then saturday, take it apart and get the whizzer parts assembled.

    thanks mason_man & Chainmaker
  14. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    I usually ride my GT All Terra Out Post for exercise, I also have a DX with the springer fork and a ND single speed hub, it's actually set up for my H motor.
    The ride is smooth and effortless, i'll have to get another DX for the exercise, as this one already has belt flats for belt clearance.
    How did your ride go.

  15. Dirt Nerd

    Dirt Nerd Member

    Ride went well. Handlebars loosened on me. Planning on getting the motor mounts on today. We'll see how this goes.

  16. Dirt Nerd

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    Needed to true the sheave again. bugger is slipping on me and not all of the spokes are lining up, maybe 80% of them. Do i need the sheave spacers? the original bike just had washers. I picked up the new bag from MLC

    Any tips would be helpful. So close to getting things going!

  17. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    Hi Paul, some of this you probably will already know, the spoke pattern will be a cross 4, means that each spoke crosses 4 other spokes that run from the same flange of the hub. i'll post a pic of one of my wheels.
    make sure that all the patterns are the same,also make sure that the valve hole is not in one of patterns, but between the patterns.
    i couldn't tell from your pic if it was the 4 cross or if all the patterns were the same.


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  18. Dirt Nerd

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    Thanks ray. You are on to something. It was strung up as cross 3. I didn't think of this. Bike shop guys felt bad but they wouldn't know this.

    On a good note, I converted an old bullet headlight to LED With success. Low and high beams.

    I'll keep you posted on the spokes
  19. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    Hi Paul, I'd like more info about the headlight if you can, and Thanks for keeping us informed with the progress of your project. it really helps us to see and appreciate these fine little machines. Yours and Paula's project are certainty appreciated here.

  20. Dirt Nerd

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    HI Ray

    First i googled it and there are several blogs and youtube videos on this.

    There's some super nerdy folk out there tinkering, i'm a bit less technical.

    I picked up a $5 headlight at a swap meet. Then picked up a couple of $4 LED flashlights at the store to part out. They had a bezel approximately the size of the hole in the housing, and at least 20 Lumens. The LED replacement bulbs just didn't seem as bright.

    I was able to wire up a simple hi/lo to a battery pack i bought at RadioShack, soldering to the existing contacts.

    The bezels that the LED array fits into are 'JB Welded' into place.

    Once it sets up, stuff it back in and ready to roll.

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