Could I attach a bike basket to the rear?

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by coyle, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. coyle

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    With the bike's motor and drive being located back there I was thinking maybe I could modify a basket somehow & as an added benefit it would help disguise the big ugly motor hanging off the side being then the basket would be under the motor and it wouldn't just be hanging there in space like that,

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  2. SimpleSimon

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    Ugly? That motor is beautiful - poetry in motion and in song!

    Sure, you could put a basket back there, but it will make your ride squirrelly as the ****ens if you ever put much weight in it.
  3. fetor56

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    Put a pannier bag on well as the stealth benefit your also getting luggage capabilities,plus help even-out weight distribution.................pannier.
  4. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    double plastic milk crate ?
    seen them used -- would think they would be somewhat awkward though ?

    a rack frame built
    canvas bag hanging opposite engine side
    engine side -- just one canvas piece somewhat hiding the engine

    ride that thing
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  5. az cra-z

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  6. coyle

    coyle New Member

    Well, for one thing I need to take that engine cover off and paint it something else like maybe orange to match the bike's decals or something besides red so it doesn't look so much like a weedwhacker stuck on there.

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  7. graucho

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  8. lordoflightaz

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    I have that walmart thing. It doesn't hold much weight. It does work though, and they throw in a bungee cord with it. I built a much stronger setup with a mailbox holder and some aluminum and could have kept the price under $25.
  9. coyle

    coyle New Member

    Hmm, I know what you're talking about but my motor and drive goes up and down when dis/engaged so I was thinking of something that attaches directly to the motor. So far I looked at some panniers but most bike panniers only open 4" and the motor is 8.5" but some horse panniers are big enough and since they will be custom mounted anyways it doesn't matter what they are for. I'd like to find one that has the big flap over top then be able to hook the pannier under the motor and put the flap over the top. This way it still gets air flow from the front and back but is covered over the top and bottom. The 2nd pic is an orange saddlebag that I'm thinking would match the orange on the bike's decals and it has that flap. Getting into the idea of it now.

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  10. Esteban

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    The WalMart rack that ataches to the seatpost can be reinforced by adding braces under its rear flanges & the other end attached to the dropout, or rear axle. Small angle iron , notched on each end, works well.
  11. loquin

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    I fastened a basket to the rear (like a pannier) on my friction drive, opposite the engine. The basket was originally intended to mount to the handlebars of an electric mobility cart. it had a double hook bolted to a flat plate, which had a slot cut in it for adjustment.

    I fastened the basket at the bottom to the rear fork, with a short piece of barstock and aluminum angle. Then, mounted a standoff post to the side of the friction drive, and with a double nut, a pair of fender washers, and a nylon-bushing lock nut, allow the friction drive to slip up/down as needed, but still support the basket. (I'm using the slotted plate to allow up/down freedom to the friction drive. The basket stays fixed at the same height, but, is supported by the friction drive frame at the top.

    I'll post a pic or two soon.

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  12. coyle

    coyle New Member

    The picture really helps visualize what you're talking about. Now anyone put one on the other side?